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Talking to Nike’s Knight About ‘Entrepreneurial Edge,’ Worker Abuses Are Beyond the Pale


Talking to Nike’s Knight About ‘Entrepreneurial Edge,’ Worker Abuses Are Beyond the Pale

Janine Jackson

USA Today (4/26/16) featured what the paper promoted as a “rare interview” with Nike founder Phil Knight.


Unless I am handing my money to someone who I know how they grew what I am buying, I tremble at the cognitive dissonance I must conquer to complete the transaction. We live in a world of exploitation. It has always been this way. Must it?


Nike, one of the kings of slave labor!!!! Remember that when you buy a pair of their shoes.



I did not mean to reply to you. I meant to reply to the article. Sorry if there was any offense to you. I like your comments.


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Here in Oregon Uncle Phil does not pay taxes to support our state or to support public schools. His high priced employees are driving up real estate prices too.


Nike isn't even a shoe company. It's a marketing firm selling shoes made by contractor companies to their design specs. This was the company that led the way for productive industry to bolt. No need to make anything here. All you need to do is design it and sell it here. No unions, no muss,no fuss, pure profit.
Knight belongs in a prison for capitalist slavers.


happy to say i have never bought a nike product. will not wear their logo or use their sporting goods. (unless, during a round, i happen to find one of their golf balls and shank it into the nearest water hazard.)


I live three miles from the Nike world Headquarters
I worked at Intel, less than a mile and a half where Knight just built a brand new hanger for his three private jets

I just applied for a job with them, as I was reading the article
Life is a bitch.