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Tangled Family Ties Leave Taxpayers on Hook for Eric Trump's $100,000 Business Jaunt


Tangled Family Ties Leave Taxpayers on Hook for Eric Trump's $100,000 Business Jaunt

Common Dreams staff

Uproar and revived criticisms of standing "conflict of interest" concerns surfaced Saturday after it was revealed that a business trip that President Donald Trump's second-eldest son, Eric Trump, recently made to Uruguay cost U.S. taxpayers nearly a hundred thousand dollars in hotel costs and administrative fees.


How do we get the tea partiers turned Trumpeters who were carrying signs to KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF MY MEDICARE to understand that redirecting money from Medicare and Social Security (can you say GUTTING?) will be primary funding sources for this Trump travesty, other upcoming Trump travesties, and additional corporate welfare Trump will be showering on his cronies ?


Conflicts of interest? Tax return release? So-called judges? Constitution? "Just a goddamn piece of paper"! - Geo. "Dubya" Bush

Constitution? We don't need to stinking Constitution! Or "checks and balances"! Ravings of a "malignant narcissist"!

Trump has so-far ignored requirements or comply with rules of the office of president - this trump co business/personal junket at taxpayer expense is representative of that contempt!

The trump regime displays open contempt for the foundations of our republic (as well as truth) and the right, as well as R'Cons, turn a blind eye! Why is that?

These actions and trumps mental tweets and hissy-fits at anyone or thing (damn piece of paper or court ruling) that conflicts with, or opposes the emperors "beliefs" (3-5m voter fraud sans any evidence!) or pronouncements are evidence of mental illness - an increasingly displayed destructive state of mind that makes any person unfit to carry-out the job of president - leader for all the people and nation! He is not the "you're-fired" boss any longer, he is a public servant!


Trump is the "poster" boy for the term, "ugly American." To hell with impeaching him, revoke his citizenship, since he has so much disdain for the Constitution, and deport him! What's good for the goose...


Time for a tax revolt! Time for total, rolling, non cooperation.


Gaming the system - what the Repatriots do best.


Can't get a quorum


As long as the hidden power allows him to act this way, he's going to be bizarre and a presidential Tweeter.


This is just unbelievable. I for one am not going to just shrug my shoulders and say, "oh well." Trump's business ties are a serious conflict of interest. We have yet to see Trump's tax returns. I refuse to pay for Trump's sons business trips. This is really outrageous, and I have seen past president's get away with this kind of shit...I don't really understand why the public does not get up in arms about this...is it just that people aren't paying attention?


someone needs to start piling these "transgressions" of his against the constitution and rules of governing into some kind of usable ammunition against him in a court of law, before he runs amok and totally destroys and dismantells any means availlable to try and reign him in. He has said on many ocasion that "I can do what I want " and that was before he became president, it is time to show him he is wrong, and that he in fact does have to adhere to the laws of the land .

Having said this , it is however no surprise that he is showing such disdain for the rules, he never followed them before he was elected, why do so many think he will now? In the space of mere days he has made a mockery of the whole system, and makes everyone around him look very very foolish, because they can all see it to. There must be a run on sleep medication in Washington, because i dont know how folks can sleep after lying like they do to support this madman.


The people are taking the BLUE pill.


O.K., the blue pill must be a reference to some futuristic movie. I admit...I am lacking in that knowledge. What is the blue pill?


Matrix. Take red pill to go back to reality. Blue to continue. Redpilling= showing someone unmistakable reality.


$100k for hotel and administrative costs? Did this money go to pay for government employees to stay at the "ultra exclusive" Trump Tower Punta del Este??? Impeach and jail these crooked sons of ...immediately!


the feeding frenzy at the public trough is going to be epic for these pigs.....


This is just more propaganda aimed at fomenting unthinking hysteria. Do we believe that, when Hillary was SOS, Chelsea Clinton and Bill Clinton, during their travels for the Clinton Foundation, were not provided with Secret Service security; and, stayed in Motel 8s? The authors writing this idiocy need to get a brain. A President's immediate family must be protected.


"In this case, government agencies are forced to pay to support business operations that ultimately help to enrich the president himself. Though the Trumps have pledged a division of business and government, they will nevertheless depend on the publicly funded protection granted to the first family as they travel the globe promoting their brand."
"Having refused to sever his own personal financial interests," said Eisen, "[the president] is now sending his emissaries, his sons, out to line his own pockets, and he's subsidizing that activity with taxpayer dollars."
According to the Trumpettes and other corporate fascists, 'Playing by the rules is for suckers.' Trumpettes, Thugs and Dems all believe this gospel.
They're not working for us, and they will lie till the cows come home to deny it.


Exactly why should US taxpayers cover a Trump son's business trip?
Making sure the family is safe on US ground is fine --
Extending that to foreign business trips isn't fine.


Trump is Not the President of the USA.. No, Trump is the CEO of the USA... The government is a Corporation and Trump is the CEO and all of people reporting to him are VPs. It fits well as The Corporations have taken over the USA and world and now the US Government....And all the countries that we deal with are also Corporations....competitors of ours..... and the Natural Resources of the world, no matter where they are located are up for grabs....Good thing that we have the most powerful and carbon-intensive military to control and to acquire those natural resources...... The new US Corporation will now pillage the remaining natural resources in this country on formerly "government - public lands, and move to continue it exploitation of the remaining natural resources of the world..... Got to wonder what comes next when all of our natural resources have been exhausted and you have billions of people in need of more resources to survive....Well got to hand it to Trump, that will not be a problem, because he will make America, Corporate America great again..... The Trump Doctrine... Make America Great Again at any cost......


"...the serious concern is how taxpayers are being forced to subsidize the business expenditures...". This is really nothing new. Walmart is a prime example of being subsidized by taxpayers. The term "corporate welfare" is subsidies for land lease and anything else that the company can put with it. Behind the scenes, a politician would get a bribe, now known as a "handout," to let the company come in and reserve a spot of land for the brick and mortar store, in this case. The land is leased, or possibly purchased from whomever, and the taxpayers pick up the bill by their taxes being raised slightly. If you have a million people in a city, few if any would notice the raise. On the front side to this, the government rhetoric would look like, "Walmart is creating new jobs," etc. If anyone knows how lying with statistics works, then one can associate what information is missing from the rhetoric. So in this situation, there is nothing new nor abnormal. It's just government telling us how new jobs are being created. If Trump's kids didn't do this, then we wouldn't need as many secret service folk, equating to less jobs and therefore un-American. The only thing i can think of that would stop this is to un-rebrand "handouts" to bribes. And of course kick ALEC, the American Legislation Exchange Commission, but that won't happen.