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Tangled in the Garden of Good and Evil


Tangled in the Garden of Good and Evil

Norman Solomon

The most widely acclaimed TV series ever about the Nazi occupation of France is a relentless epic with little use for the familiar images of craven collaborators and selfless resisters. Un village français focuses on a fictional rural community that endures a tightening vise of German control for more than four years. The villagers live far away from black-and-white tropes. Even a ruthless Nazi official eludes the usual monochrome. The humans are all too human.


It was a well done series. It starts off a little slow for American viewers but stay with it. Most of the actors are superb. Very nuanced as Mr. Solomon states. I got it from my county library system. I just put a hold on the final episode.



What an excellent article! Thank you Norman Solomon. Thank you Common Dreams. I so
wish that every American would read this with an open mind.


The biggest danger: A person or, rather, united persons having more politico-econo-military-informational power than another individual or a group of people. Eg, husband’s mastery or owenership of a woman, say, in Saudi Arabia or group of emirs, princes mastery over their own serfs or captives.


I receive emails from Steven Singer’s excellent blog, “gadflyonthewall.” Just today I read his latest post and it completely resonates with Mr, Solomon’s great article here. Here is a link: https://gadflyonthewallblog.com/2018/09/11/disowning-the-lie-of-whiteness/.

A year or so ago I paid for genetic testing and some of the results were surprising. For example, I carry Neanderfhal genes. The most surprising however was that I am 6% Ashkenazi! I guess I’m not as white as I thought. Mr. Solomon et.al. in this article seem to be encouraging us ALL to examine whether we are all as innocent as we suppose we are. Serious food for thought.


Great post skeezyks. None of us are as “white” as we think we are. That, in itself, means less than nothing. What we are is human, and we’re all in this together. Too many are living a fantasy.


EXCELLENT ARTICLE! American exceptionalism has to be the epitome of canards, but the majority of American citizens have been sooooo brainwashed that their country is: THE GOOD GUYS" one has to wonder what it will take before the majority of American, citizens finally wake up to the fact that their country is: " REALLY THE BAD GUYS"!