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Tangled Threads of US False Narratives


Tangled Threads of US False Narratives

Robert Parry

One way to view Official Washington is to envision a giant bubble that serves as a hothouse for growing genetically modified “group thinks.” Most inhabitants of the bubble praise these creations as glorious and beyond reproach, but a few dissenters note how strange and dangerous these products are. Those critics, however, are then banished from the bubble, leaving behind an evermore concentrated consensus.


Robert Parry is again pointing out how "false narratives" or mainstream propaganda are so effective at dumbing down the population. "I hate Putin" is something I hear all the time by average Americans though their opinions are based upon MSM lies. The propaganda I would argue has been so effective that if a confrontation developed directly between American and Russian armies, I think most Americans would rally behind the flag and support the corporate stooges in Washington in an escalated war between the two countries. It would appear now that Syria is the most likely flash point in this American inspired powder keg as neither Russia, the U.S., England or France is backing down from their commitment to bomb incessantly anyone who has the misfortune of living there.
Meanwhile back here at home, all of our Presidential candidates, including Bernie Sanders, seem to agree with corporate foreign policy in the ME. Never negotiate, more bombs and blind trust in our Israeli ally is the modus operandi that has dominated the "group think" for decades with no sign of letting up. And because of our blind allegiance to these corporate fundamentalists, the homegrown anger will end up inspiring acts of terrorism here at home whether it is disgruntled people upset at the carnage 'our' government has waged, or from the opposite end in which the disgruntled believe that 'our' government hasn't done enough. In either case it is self defeating and inevitable. But rarely do angry and armed people target the ones who are responsible for their misery and instead plan to share their frustration with other ordinary folks as automatic weapons and homemade bombs always target the innocent in a false belief that "we" the people are responsible for our irresponsible governments. These seemingly random acts of violence are then funnelled into cries for more violence while stifling any debate on the collective madness of our 'official' response. I'm not sure when there will be an uprising to restore sanity on the Hill, ban the corporate fundamentalists from governing the country and curb the theft of the public treasury to enrich a handful of the 1%, but it is long overdue. In the meantime all we can do is bitch, blog and bleed until someone or some group can help lead us out of the insane asylum into a brave new world.


..."the neocons retained their influence largely through an alliance with “liberal interventionists” and their combined domination of major Washington think tanks, from the American Enterprise Institute to the Brookings Institution, and the mainstream U.S. news media, including The Washington Post and The New York Times."

This is a naive comment. It shores up the idea that the President is the central decider and therefore hides the Deep State and its profound influence over all policies. These are set through all of those department heads, advisers, and decorated cogniscenti who surround the President like Cheney reciting lines in Bush, Jr.'s ear.

"The U.S. political and media big shots also mock the current Russian-Iranian proposal for first stabilizing Syria and then letting the Syrian people decide their own leadership through internationally observed democratic elections."

Who ever imagined they'd ever live to see the day that Russia and Iran sounded more supportive of Democratic rule than the "land of the free and home of the brave"?

Upside-down world, indeed!


"... and we did blame the German people for their government..."

... while we repeated the protective mantra: "It can't happen here..."


Parry one trick pony act of it is all US fault is boring and gets attention only to the similar minded crowd, but this time it is just amusing ! Complaining about personally insulting one of his most admired authocratic dictators - this is so childish !


"But it is now almost impossible for Official Washington to disentangle itself from all the false narratives that the neocons and the liberal hawks have spun in support of their various “regime change” strategies."

Mr Parry is the only contributor on CD that still uses the oxymoron "liberal hawk". Even Chris Hedges seems to have stopped making that contradictory and counterproductive depiction of liberals, the only consistently anti-war group.


The myth is thinking that conservative Democrats and neoliberal are liberals. Liberals are humanists and anti-war. A "liberal hawk" is an oxymoron, a word that contradicts itself.


In my view, some people demonize liberals to defend the frugal, careful, traditional old conservatives they identify with. These are a far cry from the modern conservative.

“The modern conservative is engaged in one of man's oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness.”

― John Kenneth Galbraith


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Advanced grassroots democracies solve these problems with voter initiatives and binding referendums held frequently at any time, not by an unintelligible proposition or two to vote on every four years.

One or two propositions every four years can be easily defeated by Big Money. But it cannot defeat ten, fifty or a hundred propositions held at any time during the year by secure, encrypted online vote as adjunct to less secure methods.