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"Tanks But No Tanks": Demonstrators Get Ready to Counter Trump's July Fourth Monstrosity on Capitol Hill

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/03/tanks-no-tanks-demonstrators-get-ready-counter-trumps-july-fourth-monstrosity

From the article:

"U.S. Park Police Sergeant Eduardo Delgado, in comment to the press, said that officers were ready for demonstrations on Thursday to turn violent but hoped that would not be the case.

“‘We’ll have people in different locations and watching,’ said Delgado. ‘We prepare for the worst and hope for the best.’”

Translation from Cop-Speak:

“We hope that violence happpens, and we’re prepared to stand down and let hippies get beat down.”


The trump Independence Day “Salute to America” mental narcissist extravaganza is trumps copied version of the NY “Salute to Israel” propaganda parade - both garbage!

here’s my “salute” to both!


The minute the rump starts laying into his patented hate speech, and I mean when not if, the cameras need to stop rolling and the reporters pack up and head back home. Ah, a whisper of a dream.


During WWII, inflatable tanks were used as decoys. Maybe people can bring some of those to the mall.
I think they should be painted pink.


Frightened old white dude’s T-shirt sez:
“Blacks make racial slurs & commit hate crimes too!!”

This is a breathtaking, epic-level piece of whataboutism designed to give tacit approval to the practice. Good thing we have a president who calls on his supporters to reject such retrograde behaviour.


What makes us so Arrogant that we think History will not repeat itself? After all of the Mistakes, Wars, Slavery, Concentration Camps, Evil Dictators and People who did nothing to stop these Horrors in the past or in the present. The difference between the timelines is it’s different this time because we are facing many Extinction Events all converging into the “Perfect Storm.” Very few, if any will survive.


We hope the cops don’t get violent as well. Kent State stays fresh in our minds as well as all of the police violence since.
We now have to convince the sports industry that periodically recognizing the troops is fine, but the hero worship has to be put to bed.
Being alive, and having survived all that we have seen, including the Trump problem, has become the norm. So should we honor OURSELVES at every ball game and car race?
Trump thinks the world is a parade just for him, everyday of his pathetic life.
I hope the efforts to shame trump are successful tomorrow.


Group laughter at every one of his lies and exaggerations is the only thing that will faze him. Turning the back to him would help also.


"In favor of a 75% cut in military spending, go Green."



Americans Fetishize the Military


Good idea, but I’m sure DHS would deem them a security threat, just like baby trump balloons. Real tanks, no problem, nothing unsafe about them /s.


I’m apoplectic and speechless at ALLLL the money in all aspects being spent on this kakistocratic spectacle. Jesus…what so many people could have benefited from the millions $$$$…
Sieg heil, Everyone!

May a helicopter fall on Dump.


The 4th to me has always been a time for families to get together and communities to celebrate the birth of our nation. I will be tuning Trump out and the DC capitol fireworks this year. It’s not about him and not about tanks.


Hi Gandolf:
I agree and besides that—do they really have to fly all those military planes over the fields?
That military polluted air will be affecting all the players and the fans and the grass—all at the same time—and not in a good way! : (


That’s thinking out of the box a little stardustBID. Sure enough, they not only pollute our minds, they pollute our bodies and the environment as well.
Maybe trump will be in the parade. Wearing the medals that show his bravery in service to his country. Oh, that’s right, he has bone spurs. No medals, and can’t march with normal people because his feet hurt.


And afterwards, tRump will have hamberders for the crowd. At least until he runs out of what was left after the Clemson Football Team gourmet dinner celebration from a few months ago.

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He will ride proudly in his golf cart. Surprised he hasn’t had a gold plated golf cart made for himself to ride around the White House.

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Why hide what the US really IS-----CORPORATE MILITARY POLICE STATE-----We could have some special opps killers give a demonstration of how they “protect the American people”. We could give a 21 gun salute to our killer friends Israel and Saudi Arabia ??? The US is the ARMS DEALER of the world----The US has one of the largest prison systems in the world------Both major political parties are bought and paid for-------DON’T BE FOOLED------The American Revolution was a fight for INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM AND THE COMMONS------A standing army is a sure sign that you live in a POLICE STATE!


Hopefully Stauffenberg has been reincarnated and attends the homage to Schmuck in Chief.