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Tar Sands Activists Being Targeted by FBI



The main thing to remember is never ever ever lie to them, or say anything they can construe as a lie. Saying nothing except "I'm sorry, I have nothing to say" is the only safe thing to do


Doesn't it warm your heart to know that we live in "the land of the free".


Where is everyone..?? Gee, this is just the beginning... the fight is on.... let's see what happens IF Obama does veto this thing.... will TPTB put up a fight .... i think they willl... but, what if Obama, doesn't veto it... will the People put up a fight....


Practice channeling your inner Marshawn Lynch...


If Obama vetoes the Xl pipeline, it will be part of the con mans modus operandi. You can be sure of that! Right now and off of the radar screen is a plan to ship the tar sands oil from Alberta to Alaska.