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Tar Sands Operations Shut Down, Work Camps Evacuated as Fire Jumps North



So which is worse, the destruction of the trees in the Boreal forest by fire or tar sand extraction? At least this way that nasty slime remains in the ground. One way or another tar sand extraction has been halted--good.


Maybe Mother Earth is trying to tell us something?


That forest runs right across North Canada from British Columbia to Quebec. One of the things that slowed it when it hit Saskatchewan where it did was a previous fire had burned through that region and limited the amount of fuel available to this one.

The Climate change model clearly predicted massive Forst fires in our North. A number of people I know in Canada suggested that "warming" would make our North more habitable and thus it could be a good thing. We now see the consequences.

Even as this goes on the Liberals here in British Columbia that sit in power in the Provincial legislature are promoting massive LNG terminals on the West Coast and a huge increase in the amount of fracking that goes on and Justin Trudeau seems to think as Harper did before him that the road to prosperity lies in burning it all and turning Canada into an "energy superpower".


Unfortunatley that is not the choice. As soon as the forest is burnt and the fires as out the tar sands operations will resume. So we get both.


To make matters worse, they will use scarce trees and other scarce resources to rebuild all those plywood palaces that got torched. Hopefully they will abandon the area, but I doubt it.


Gee, why am I NOT surprised...they should have been vacated weeks ago but money got in the way of the rational decision to shut down operations. How sad that the lust for profits pushing the tar sands extraction threatens the life of everything and everybody with absolutely no concern about the aftermath of the total destruction. Those tailing ponds alone assure that total devastation when operations are abandoned, those will be left behind until the earthen dams around them collapse and release the toxins killing everything in their wake. The Athabasca River already has been poisoned by the leakage of those ponds and the overall operations.. Not unlike the toxic effluence left after mines pan out...Animas River in Colorado, e.g. Oh, CANADA...Oh, CANADA.


This may be Mother Earth's Ghost Dance.


It will be interesting to see what the response is. The economic situation up there was already reeling from the plunge in the price of oil, which had only just begun to stabilize when this fire hit.

Thousands of people had already lost their jobs before the fires. These companies are getting hit while they're down.


Tar sands tailings ponds are the largest collections of toxic waste anywhere on Earth. They can be seen from space.


Once we realize .... as a species... that our whole economic model.... of industrial civilization... is a destructive, life killing system, we won't care about oil companies... but, then again, I really do not think we WILL realize anything like this, as a species.... most people's consciousness only goes as far as their own need to eat, drink and have a roof... no matter how they get it.... now, I 'm really not just talking about poor or middle class... because, the RICH.... have far more effect on our environment... per capita ... than the rest of us... they also have more choice.. but do they give a sh*t... ??? no... THE LACK OF CURIOUSITY TO LEARN ABOUT CLIMATE CHANGE... IN DETAIL... by the rich... and by many people... is mind boggling to me... many people, for instance, like my physical therapist... I said to him, " So, how much do you know about Climate Change?..."
He said, "Well, I believe it"... and I mentioned a few facts... bringing up the consequences of
a probable, 50 Gton methane release... from the artic... (Siberian Shelf) ... and how this would bring about an even more abrupt effect on the climate... in a matter of a few years... like two -five...?? to the point of our extinction ... very shortly after... He said "you think.?" as he walked away to go do something.... when he came back, I said, "It's not what I think... it's what Climate Scientists think..."".... He really still did not understand... How many people here understand this... ?