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'Targeted by My Own Government': Journalists Sue Trump DHS Over 'Coordinated Attack' on Press Freedom

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/21/targeted-my-own-government-journalists-sue-trump-dhs-over-coordinated-attack-press

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From the article:

“…journalists are democracy’s first line of defense…”

…which is why they’re under attack, whether under Twump, Obama, or the famously paranoid Richard Milhous Nixon (remember his “enemies list?”)


Yes! This is another impeachable crime, that Trump is attacking the First Amendment by detaining and otherwise harassing journalists.
His hatred of journalists is the same as the hatred a murderer feels for the police trying to catch him.
Fortunately, Trump hasn’t yet gotten to the level of his hero Putin, who has a sophisticated program of killing journalists and political opponents.
Check out the audio interview done by one of NPR’s few authentic journalists, Terry Gross:


but It is good to see that the Journalists are fighting back even if they need to use law suits. Without push back we are dead under the creeping fascist police state that we are living in or is it under?


The ACLU is part of the Deep State right? Along with all of those reporters right? Please please those prone to Trump propaganda points about “Russiagate” please inform us on the bright side of Trump’s actions here.

Am I being unfair? Hmmm…my guess, not entirely. And yes, yes, attacks on journalists have been happening for a long long time.

Trump “the press is the enemy of the people”.

Trump, who is all about transparency and truth himself, is a legitimate critic of the press that of course doesn’t service him under the desk.

And in a day or two, or three he will be firing up another crowd of his cult, teasing “civil war”, making enemies of Mexicans and other brown skinned people his White Nationalist Administration hates, and the rest.

But hey, Obama and Clinton were bad. No biggee. I’ll just look at the silver lining of Trump and head over to Consortium News and such. Maybe Pilger today can give us the broad scoop on all of this.

The Deep State has to be against Trump on this too. The Deep State likely wants AOC to call out Miller who formulates Trump’s immigration policy for being the White Supremacist that he is.

The Deep State is all about human rights right?

My anti-Trump snark for the day. Don’t expect a response. I don’t give a flying cluck who thinks what about me, I don’t.

I’m a Deep State flunky.


On the Night of the long knives The NAZI Party turned on its own in a violent purge to cleanse itself of the SA. They saw the overt violence of the SA against political rivals as something that would prevent the Nazi party from gaining political legitimacy and taking power. To combat that violence they used violence.

The German press were enthusiastic about this purge.

This does not translate to the Nazis being the good guys, the press being the good guys or the SA being the good guys. It was all about WHO was going to run things. Our thug or their thug.

Now just as there were groups like “The White Rose” inside of Germany who were trying to educate the people on the evils of the NAZI Party , that hardly means they must have been supporters of the SA and Eric Rohm just as in the USA there being an AOC or an ACLU , it does not mean their opposition to Trump translates to them being part of the deep state.


Apologies…I was giving the Deep State briefing on a long thread yesterday where I was arguing that at least a faction of the Deep State loves Trump.

I should have made crystal clear it was sarcasm regarding the ACLU…my bad.

Was trying to point out irony with sarcasm targeted to those who offer up Trump as being opposed by “the Deep State”.

ACLU would be just a horrible tool of the Deep State…and the Deep State of course has no interest in human rights, and in fact no doubt prefers dictator allies, US Empire, mass surveillance, and a whole host of other things that line their interests with Trump.

So I’m pissing a lot of people off when I say…

The Deep State just loves their Trump.


Hey, PC – I’ve been debating Russiagate with a good friend of mine for years, including today. We’ve tried to refrain from getting overheated and done a reasonable job of sticking to the facts. As you might imagine, I generally link to my sources, most recently: Matt Taibbi’s excellent piece on the heels of the Mueller Report’s release; Glenn Greenwald’s post-mortem of the long-anticipated report; and also Aaron Mate’s terrific article. You may be aware that Aaron Mate’s Russiagate-skeptical reporting won him the “Izzy” Award, this year, so-named for legendary adversarial journalist I.F. “Izzy” Stone.

I realize that you’re probably going to take issue with some of my perspective, but it’s offered in good faith. Without further ado, here is the latest volley of mine in a debate that’s done nothing to injure the friendship… at least, it doesn’t seem so, and I sure hope not. In any case, I hope you find the following worth your time:

Dear friend – We’ve gone over a lot of this before, and the truth is we’ve gotten to a place of near-total agreement, with the exception of how we characterize the incident.

You say Russia “hacked the election,” referring to the hacking into the DNC’s and Podesta’s e-mails. I have acknowledged many times that the Russians may indeed have done this (even though Wikileaks denies that the Russians were their source, which gives me some room for doubt) – but even if it’s true, I think characterizing a little data theft as a stolen election is a bit of a stretch.

Not only is it stretching the facts, but blithely phrasing it in such a way has helped Trump, birthed a new Cold War (risking WWIII), and done immeasurable harm to the American left and the media, following years of hyperbolic, false, warmongering claims coming out of the corporate media and Washington officials – officials mostly aligned with our neo-fascist intelligence community and today’s neoconservative, totally corrupt, and wholly-undemocratic Democratic Party (which has effectively been taken over by the MIC and deep state).

Since I think you might be right about this one claim – that it’s possible the GRU was behind the data theft that revealed the Democrats were rigging their primary, controlling the media, and resorting to classic Republican rat-fuckery – I have decided to not contest the point.

Many, many times, I’ve conceded that you might be right on this one point – which hardly amounts to “hacking the election.”

Sure, the “troll farm” stuff is nonsense, unconnected to official Russia (per Mueller) and utterly inconsequential… The Trump-Russia collusion claims were unsupportable, as Mueller’s report makes clear… The Guardian’s story that Manafort visited Assange in the Ecuadoran embassy was moronic, easily debunked garbage… The claims that Russians: hacked U.S. voting machines; championed Roy Moore; backed Jill Stein/Bernie Sanders/Tulsi Gabbard; hacked U.S. power grids; hacked C-Span; and hacked the elections of our allies, France and Germany… ALL OF THIS turned out to be ludicrous, unsourced, dangerous McCarthyism.


The vast majority of Russiagate stories have been recklessly reported, damaging everything you and I both care about (the left and journalism) while enormously boosting Trump’s “Fake News” claims and his chances for re-election – all over a deep state coup attempt assisted by modern, neo-fascist Democrats who have moved the party far to the right of Nixon, Reagan, and Bush/Cheney.

But once again, for the record, I admit that the claim that the GRU stole the data of the DNC and Podesta could be accurate (making something like .05% of Russiagate claims accurate, excluding all of the most explosive ones, which turned out to be jingoistic hogwash).

That said, it is suspicious that when the indicted Russians responded to Mueller’s probe by showing up in person to answer the charges, he declined to pursue the matter, claiming that prosecuting them would “endanger sources and methods” – sources and methods the whole world basically knows, following the Snowden revelations. (And our courts are perfectly capable of keeping some testimony out of the public record, as Mueller knows perfectly well.)

But leaving that odd chapter aside, our main difference seems to be about language, and your attachment to the hyperbolic and misleading phrase: “THE RUSSIANS HACKED THE ELECTION,” when all you’re really talking about is the possibility (probability?) that the GRU illegally spied on the DNC/Podesta and released the information to the public.

It really does take an astonishing amount of hypocrisy, hubris, and disregard for world peace to make a mountain out of this molehill, particularly after the U.S. has illegally “hacked” the communications of practically everyone ON THE PLANET – American citizens, foreign allies, the U.S. Congress, and foreign adversaries – and routinely uses military arms, Salafist militants, terrorism, assassination, and war to overthrow legitimately elected democracies the world over.

What the U.S. did to Russia in the 1990s – as detailed in Naomi Klein’s essential “The Shock Doctrine” – resulted in the country’s economic collapse, the end of their democratic experiment, and the loss of millions of lives, just so a handful of multinational corporations could glut themselves.

Here’s a metaphor you might enjoy:

We live in a dangerous neighborhood…

Mr. Hitler, the un-elected head of the Neighborhood & Block Association (for the better part of a century), has spent the last several decades setting his neighbors’ houses on fire, regularly shooting their kids and dogs, raping, and stealing all the property he can (the police won’t touch Mr. Hitler, because he basically owns them; he is an unrivaled superpower in this neighborhood and every time the town elects a mayor who challenges him, that mayor is disappeared).

After years of submission, meek resistance, and occasional thumbing of the nose at Mr. Hitler, one neighbor – Mr. Stalin (not a swell guy, but he’s no Hitler) – steals Mr. Hitler’s mail (a federal crime!!!) and shares the contents with the neighborhood, revealing that Mr. Hitler is a despotic, evil S.O.B.

No one is surprised at the revelations, because by this time the neighborhood knows exactly what kind of person Mr. Hitler is, but Mr. Hitler clutches his pearls and goes into hysterical attack mode.

After spending recent years flooding Mr. Stalin’s neighbor’s house with Nazis and otherwise trying to destroy the guy (setting up a line of rifles and flamethrowers pointing right at Mr. Stalin’s house), Mr. Hitler plays the victim. He deploys his media and law enforcement thugs on Mr. Stalin. He has his forces spread a thousand malicious lies about Mr. Stalin, 99% of which turn out to be completely false.

He damages his own credibility, as the vast majority of his claims have exploded in his face, but he successfully reminds the neighborhood that resistance is futile… and very dangerous.

Mr. Hitler finally is left with one story that might have a grain of truth to it: Stalin stole his mail! Boom goes the dynamite!

Even though the one incident of mail-theft is all he has to complain about, Mr. Hitler – the unrepentant dog/child-shooting arsonist, murderer, rapist, and thief – remains on the offensive, because that’s his only mode.

“Stalin is taking over the neighborhood! He’s evil and he’s wronged me! He stole from me and he’s attacked my friends! You’re next, you’re next, you’re next! You doubt the veracity of my claims?? How dare you? You must be on Stalin’s side!”


2 things - what was in the “stolen” data. So it’s Russia!s fault the public learned the Dems are cheaters. Come on —- it’s absurd

Secondly Nothing was stolen. Show me a police report. Try and collect insurance on a stolen item without filing a police report. Only the Dems can say that and have the authorities delegitimize themselves by acknowledging that and not seizing the servers. In the real world no theft report to police - no theft. Trump greatest achievement - unbeknownst to him - is the the delegitimization of government, media judiciary. Now many resist this reality but it’s a good thing.


The screws on dissident discourse are tightening daily. Even journalists are getting harassed daily, especially if they are reporting on real facts contrary to what “they” what us to believe. Concentration camps and children in cages at the border are ‘secrets’, they aren’t supposed to be exposed by actual journalists doing real jobs. Assange is stuck in prison for publishing subversive, though real, information. It will only worsen as time moves forward, unless something is done concretely to rein in the crazy government. Which, most likely, won’t happen. Pelosi sneaked through the reauthorization of the Patriot Act(in the House) while everyone was distracted by the stupid impeachment hearings.


So how long before Trump decides ti emulate his idol, Putin?

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The deep state witnesses against Trump today were the worst! I mean, they seemed like absolute apparatchiks versus the honorable Devin Nunes, sage and truth teller he is. It’s always good to see “progressive” sources spin Nunes’s “facts” in their pages, even if they don’t support Nunes, Perry, Trump, Pompeo, and Barr, of course.

Now, let’s go get that whistleblower!

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He and his friends are already doing it. That’s why this portion of today’s testimony was so illuminating for a few reasons.

Thanks, I’m not going to take time to respond but I respect what you posted. Frankly, I’m just exhausted by the whole fucking thing.

But please do me a favor. Make very clear somehow in a reply to yourself if it is too late to edit, that the body of your post is to your friend not me.

It comes off as you making a lot of arguments against which I have zero argument., and makes me seem by inference to make assertions that I do not make.


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Oh sure, Trump the fascist, the racist, the misogynist, the most dangerous President of my 60 years on this Earth is a good thing in the end.

Unbeknownst to the dickhead fascist Trump he de-legitimizes the courts by packing them chock full of Federalist Society picks, he de-legitimizes FOX, Sinclair Broadcasting stations, his allies on MSNBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, et al., he de-legitimizes the MIC, CIA with his Administration picks, Generals, Neocons, Saudi Arabian allies…he de-legitimizes an increase of engagement of US Empire in the ME, he de-legitimizes an increase of militarism in the police at home, de-legitimizes a nuclear arms buildup much greater than Obama’s modernization and does that partly by de-legitimizing nuking the nuke deal with Iran and fanning the flames of war (oh yes he stepped in the stop it so the story goes), de-legitimizes the loosening rules of engagement in the ME with his surge against ISIS to make it easier to kill civilians in mass, de-legitimizes proxy war fighting Saudi Arabia with his bragging of increase of arms (even Hillary Clinton would blush at) while the citizens of Yemen turn to red mist, he de-legitimizes every regulatory agencies by packing them even further with corporate goons, de-legitimizes hatred of “the other” with making his Administration one that panders through policy the ends of White Nationalists and ultimately neocons as it pertains to hatred of Muslims, and the list goes on.

I tell ya the Deep State just hates him! No wonder Trump leftists step in to help the jerk.

Just to be clear, I’m being sarcastic in my use of de-legitimize…as these things Trump has actually done. Go figure, the credit the jerk is given by some.

As you can see, the Chicken is causing a ruckus, because I can’t seem to find some connection with Trump fighting the Deep State. I mean, I try…what’s wrong with me?

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Nothing is wrong with you. You see clearly what is in front of your eyes, while others want to convince you that what you see is a green elephant with a purple nose. You are not an in-the-know real progressive if you cannot see it, after all. Witnesses that testify under oath are the conspirators, actors that refuse to testify are brave truth tellers. It actually pains me to see progressives defend fascist-leaning conspiracists–and I do not say that lightly–but that is where we are.

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I am truly sorry, but it turned out to be too late to make that edit. For the Common Dreams community, please understand that the bulk of my previous comment was addressed to a personal friend of mine, not to “Psychedelic Chicken” – I did not mean to imply that my friend’s opinions are identical to that of our good cyber-friend, a clucking original, Mr. Chicken.



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Even I understood that.