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Targeted by Racist Attacks, Ilhan Omar Vows to Hold Trump 'Fully Accountable for His Crimes' and Pursue Bold Progressive Agenda

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/16/targeted-racist-attacks-ilhan-omar-vows-hold-trump-fully-accountable-his-crimes-and


While there has never been a more impeachable president, there has also never been a more corrupt legislature.
Even if they somehow manage to get around Pelosi and pals, impeachment still requires 2/3 of the senate for a conviction.


Ms. Omar, you go and go and go! Ram Article I down Diaper Donnie’s throat. You are so very much more American than he ever was. You are living proof of the American Dream!


It’s amazing how Trump AND ALL OF HIS SUPPORTERS feel fully justified in making lots of noise about how the USA is and has been so badly governed and needs so much change, but when someone with darker skin comes along and says the same things - but differently - it’s suddenly “If you don’t like it, then leave!” Just another of many indications that Trump and Trumpites have some screws loose.


Americans have to remember that, despite having presidents that were utterly corrupt and completely incompetent, we have never, EVER, removed one from office, as the founding Fathers made it quite clear in the foundational documents that the leadership should never be questioned, and never held in account by the “rabble”


Trump’s comments are making him wildly popular here in Trumpland. Much more open racism. Greater embrace of the notion that if you’re not white , you don’t belong.

Not many folks see the irony in the fact that, with the exception of Ilhan Omar, the country that Trump is criticizing is the US.


These women leaders are putting foundation under those otherwise empty words of the Constitution and Bill Of Rights.


Trump is playing to his base at Rep. Omar’s expense. And in a very real way Omar is playing to hers. But if this is going to be more than theater, Rep. Omar has to take on Trumps enablers like those that recently gave him $4.5 Billion for “boarder security” (read concentration camps to hold brown people). Those enablers include most of the party to which Rep. Omar belongs - the Democratic Party. Trump knows that Pelosi and team might make some weak admonishments, but otherwise will do nothing.


To which at their creation someone like Rep. Omar would have been excluded…

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The emphasis at this news conference was “not to take the bait”, do not allow this demagogue to set the tone for engagement. Keep the issues such as healthcare, climate crisis, border concentration camps, and proxy wars at the forefront of the conversation so that this racist in the WH can be removed from office by the electorate in 2020.


I’m a Canadian here in Calgary, watching in horror as your country disintegrates.

Of course Trump should be impeached, removed from office, and the swamp drained.

I have this ugly premonition that this is unlikely to happen.

PS: It’s raining here - again - in what I am calling ‘The Year of the Tall Grass’,
as our shared climate disintegrates as well.


One could argue that Nixon probably would have been removed if he had not stepped down, but you are of course correct.

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From that Mother Jones article linked to in a previous post from Common Dreams:

"Ken Caldeira, a climate scientist at the Carnegie Institution for Science and a Stanford professor, also studies the impact of climate change on coral reefs. “I see reefs that are over 90 percent dead. That’s a real tragedy. I see it and experience it,” he says. And his emotional reaction? “I plod on.” He adds, “Maybe I’ve become better at suppressing my feelings…I can still see this is really tragic: Fossil fuel emissions killed 90 percent of this reef. But my dominant strategy is to intellectualize it and say, ‘What a crazy species we are.’ As a scientist, my only role is to generate useful information.”

You know what Ken - that’s not your only job.

In a world of specialists, the first extinctions will be the specialists.

This is all bullshit - find a way to get rid of this monstrous concoction - all the while the Navy Seals are training a new group by San Diego and Coronado Island - all the while a new crop of fighter pilots are learning how to fly those F-35’s.

Damn this is looking bad.


Anyone see Congressman Ruben Gallego on the PBS NewsHour last night?

He served up a strong rebuke to Trump:

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Nancy Pelosi laid the groundwork for these attacks against the squad of Progressive Women when she mocked them with snide sarcasm in her interview with the NY Times.

She opened the door for Trump to jump right in and agree with Nancy that these Progressive Women are just a bunch of out of step Commie Socialists that are completely out of touch with American ideals.

Now after creating this dust-up and giving the Right Wing Bigots justification to criticize these dynamic Women she is finally being forced to reluctantly come to their defense.

From my perspective these ladies are the backbone of the Democratic Party and have managed to reveal the Corporate Hacks that are more dedicated to their Donations/Bribes than to the needs of their Constituents.

Let’s face it; no one has been more critical of America than Donald Trump.

He has brutally hammered away at every detail of the Obama Administration including questioning the legitimacy of the Obama Presidency.

Suddenly now that he has become President it is Treasonous to criticize America or the President.

I do not recall any of these Right Wing Nationalists demanding that Trump leave America and go back to where he came from when he spoke out against the Iran Deal or demanded to see Obama’s Birth Certificate.

What was Make America Great AGAIN all about?

I am extremely supportive of these Progressive Women who represent the ideals that I wholeheartedly agree with.

My message to Nancy and Moderate and Conservative Democrats:

It is easy to predict that if you adopt your Wall Street Militaristic Platform and run with Candidate Biden we will certainly be straddled with another Term of Trump the Bigot and Government Of By And For The Corporations.


Thank you Trump for helping get us out of an awkward internal tussle by reminding us who our real opponent is in American politics.

Pelosi can now go back to realpolitiking, which honestly is what she does best. Going forward, probably better to leave the PR to someone better at, uh, smooth-talking. We can’t always count on Drumpf to untentionally bail us out.

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I just looked through the Seattle Times this morning, and Maureen Dowd’s New York Times op-ed piece basically called on “the Squad” to fall in line or they will be responsible for the re-election of Trump. Obviously, the Dems are running the same strategy for 2020 that gave us Trump in the first place: lip-service paid to real change to obfuscate the fundamental promise not to change a thing. I will not vote for a neoliberal Democrat in 2020. I will not.


That was, of course, the first thing I thought of when I realized that his tweet, telling them to “go back to their own shithole countries and fix their own governments first,” was directed at three U.S. born current legislators who are actually doing just that.

The fourth is a naturalized citizen who is more American than the infantile, rabidly ignorant pseudo-president who would allow the country to be destroyed and replaced with some sort of haven for fascist oligarchs to run amok, because he naively thinks he is one of them.

Ahh, but these radicals are “dividing us.” This is bad, very bad. We must not be divided. We must remember that our number one job is to unite to get to rid of Trump; unite and “vote blue, no matter who.” Then, once we have Joe Biden reaching across the aisle in cooperation with the Republican leadership sans Trump, we will see that unity means that the tremendous cooperation he gets from Mitch McConnell will result in unmitigated prosperity, allowing us to become the first nation to produce a trillionaire, which is what really matters, after all. Why, imagine your pride in knowing that you worked all your life just to make sure someone else got all the gold!


Anyone with half a brain knows that Trump is not formulating policy. He is a mindless, bumbling reality show-man celebrity who has no conception of government at any level. He is having the time of his pathetic life, starring in the biggest show he has ever been in, and while everyone is looking at him, the Pences and McConnells and Boltons are having a field day instituting every fascist policy they have ever wet-dreamed of.

And other than the billionaries, no one is benefiting more from this disaster than Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the Democratic Party leadership, as they join in the attacks against these four “radicals,” and force us back to business as usual.


E pluribus unum Mr. Trump

I’ve never referred to the orange bloviator as “president” since there is doubt that he’s even legitimate, similar to when illegitimate George W Bush was in office and “progressives” refused to call him “president” or wrote it “rResident Bush.” Yet these days, “progressives” seem to have forgotten history and pretty much in lockstep refer to orange as “president” including the commenters here. Anyway, the current White House resident is not going to be impeached because Nancy “He’s not worth it” Pelosi says so. It seems that he can do anything and both corporate cults (D and R) seem absolutely terrified of him. Why? What does he have on them? And I’m wondering when Mike Pence underwent a lobotomy. I saw him down at the concentration camps and, as usual, he had that empty, emotionless expression on his face as “nobody is home” when seeing those appalling conditions and smelling the stench in there.
I really do wish that people in general would stop responding to anything that the international bully-troll writes on tweeeeter. I wish people would stop taking the bait and then maybe, Jack Dorsey of Tweeeeter, would stop serving as orange’s enabler. The orange bloviator has essentially made tweeeeeter relevant, because that corporation was almost dead until the international troll decided to use it as his hobby. Then, after orange gets back in through the same corrupt system that installed him in 2016, Nancy will say: You see, it’s good that we didn’t launch impeachment investigations because it shows that the voters wanted him to have a second term, and I do warmly look forward to working with him as we did during his first term. As for the “squad,” she will say: please sit down and shut up and we will let you know when we want to hear from you. Understood?

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