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Targeted by Smears, Color of Change Rips Facebook for Boosting 'Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theories of White Nationalist Trump Base'


Targeted by Smears, Color of Change Rips Facebook for Boosting 'Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theories of White Nationalist Trump Base'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

After the New York Times published a bombshell report detailing Facebook's efforts to smear its critics by deploying anti-Semitic conspiracy theories that are commonly spread right-wing extremists, Color of Change—the online racial justice organization that Facebook attempted to discredit as a "puppet" of billionaire philanthropist Ge


I’m referring to something on FB that is very similar. Today I went to RT’s FB page for the first time. There was a video about the migrant/refugee caravans with little or no editorial comment. Of video-watchers, however, there were many: at least 15:1, I estimate, were racist beyond my wildest expectations.
There were perhaps 3 non-racists, including myself, making intermittent comments. The ignorance about and strong dislike for this group of Central Americans was profound. I could not avoid suspecting that FB has allowed RT to continue on FB, only if it gerry-manders (sp?) comments to the far right.


FB is an exploitative capitalist enterprise that has risen to the top by stealing peoples’ data which they - to my dismay - evidently gladly give to this corporation voluntarily in exchange for the free of charge opportunity to post a selfie. It is in the power of the People to sink this corporation by getting off our asses and off FB. (Never done FB, never will!)…


Facebook is the centralization to human interaction. At least 20% of humanity uses it now. Centralized systems are the foundation of hierarchy, which leads to inequality and abuses. No public good comes from any of it. Facebook does not allow people to do anything they couldn’t do before, but it probably leads to psychological problems, social problems and corruption. It is a concentrated cesspool of surveillance and disinformation, all for the purpose of selling ads, influencing people and spying.


I had never done Facebook until a good friend of mine urged me to join so we could chat. I joined in 2010 just because she recommended it. She didn’t pay much attention to me there though. I built up a friend list of about 110 people, mostly from my past who I don’t know anymore. The only thing I got out of Facebook was the realization that most of the people I know have no personality or interests, or even an intellect. I shut down my account about a year later. What a waste of time! However, I have received emails from Facebook as recently as this year. Based on the fact that I still get occasional emails from them, I am pretty sure my account, which was shut down in 2011, is still counted as one of their “active” accounts. Active accounts is a number they use to sell expensive ads on their site. So I think they are defrauding their investors just as much as they are lying to their users.


We live in a society that is addicted to ‘more’. FB knows that…


That’s why it causes so much mental illness and distress in people. You can always scroll down to see more, but there isn’t anything new there, just more. Same with Tinder and the rest of the stupid apps. Endless scrolling with nothing new or interesting. Just more… And more… And more…


Let me e very, very clear. I hate FB and MZ for his mendacious fully politicized, cynical manipulation of people, and groups to god knows what end. I left FB about a year ago and haven’t looked back. But the hate filled rhetoric you imply being fueled by RT is actually an all American thing and can be found wherever groups of low information viewers watch Fox News. I travel quite a bit and am constantly amazed how mostly white males watch FOX in morning before going fishing or to work while eating the free continental breakfast at these not inexpensive hotels. Recently in a small city in rural Northern California, FOX was showing the “invasion” making its way through Mexico to the U.S. The outrage and comments I heard from these men was stunning.


“Facebook also allegedly lobbied a Jewish civil rights group to condemn criticism of the company as anti-Semitic.”

Having your knish and eating it, too.


The idea of facebook always seemed horrifying to me, and I never joined. I am so sorry that Color Of Change has to deal with the idiocy of facebook, as Color of Change is a worthwhile organization—and a much needed one .


Here’s a prediction, Facebook won’t give up any documents. It has no legal obligation to do so. It will continue doing whatever it takes to make the most money at any cost to their own clients or anyone else for that matter. It’s un-American to be any other way and people should wise up and learn from this. This is 'Merica, and our richest citizens will be damned before they will change it.


Facebook and various similar outfits underwent a wave of censorship all at once. It censors a wide range of social critics, not people from just one or two ideologies.


They have also recently followed Amazon’s lead and partnered up with the corporate military industrial complex.


Herein lies the evidence of election interference. Is Zuckerburg Russian?


“The interactivity of the internet creates an impression of mental effort while impeding reflection.” Timothy Snyder
It also creates, without reflection, the belief and the addiction, that people are really ‘sharing’ and ‘connected’ in significant social/political issues, whereas people are not more connected because rarely are topics discussed thoughtfully so that we are able to see our common humanity struggling to cope with a complex machine deceptively manipulating us. Social media appears largely to reduplicate the traditional bondage imposed on us all without any recognition of our subservience and lack of freedom.


Sucks being accused of something your not. You know, like being accused of being a White Nationalist. Screw 'em all.