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Targeting Big Pharma Price Gouging, Sanders Backs California's Ballot Fight


Targeting Big Pharma Price Gouging, Sanders Backs California's Ballot Fight

Jon Queally, staff writer

Backing a citizen-led intiative to combat soaring drugs prices in California, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders on Tuesday endorsed a ballot proposal designed to curb what he described as a corporate "rip-off" of the state's sick and vulnerable.


Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton holds a big sign with a capital H and an arrow directing people to the hospital where Big Pharma can continue their price gouging.
Her motto "Fighting US" fits right in.


As usual, Bernie stands squarely with the (human) people.

Hillary, meanwhile, is probably putting a sweater on over her "I :heart: Big Pharma" t-shirt...

Like Bernie said, Congress failed. Both parties. Consistently and repeatedly. It's the "forest in the trees" behind so many of the anomalies of this election season.

It's seldom acknowledged in the corporate media, and when it is, apparently, it's unintended and unnoticed. That's what happened yesterday, in a parenthetical comment during an interview on NPR's Morning Edition.

In the segment called "GOP has yet to unify around Donald Trump," pundits Kokie Roberts and Tucker Carlson were pontificating on the Republican Party's state of confusion about its presumptive nominee, when Carlson off-handed an element of context:

Roberts didn't even respond, choosing instead to auto-launch into the expected paean to Clinton.

None of the participants even seemed to notice that NPR broadcast a critically important truth, even if by accident...

Only the disaffected masses - and Bernie - seem to notice that as far as representing the 98% is concerned, the two major U.S. political parties have left the building.


The USA is by far the largest consumer of prescription drugs in the World yet compared to other developed nations has one of the lowest positive health outcomes. At the same time these drugs are one of the major killers of those people using them.

The very premise of this gigantic industry has to be questioned.


Senator Sanders is a leader----not a follower-----just look how Clinton and Trump play to the issues that Sanders has a strong stand. I was talking with an older conservative republican in Calif the other day-guess who he is supporting? Sanders!-----Democrats you still have a choice!


I heard that we are no longer allowed to purchase drugs from Canada, though. Is that not correct?


As soon as Obama gets his TTP and TTIP signed off it won't matter what the law says...drug prices in Canada and other signatory nations will be the same as they are in the US.

The author's assertion that the "enormous bargaining power of the VA" is what keeps the price they pay for drugs below retail is misleading. Its not the size of the VA that gives the VA bargaining power, its the fact that the bipartisan actions of the past two decades that prohibit other federal agencies from negotiating drug prices have not yet been imposed on the VA. You can bet your last nickle that the drug lobby is pushing hard to get Congress to prohibit the VA from negotiating drug prices.


When it comes to prescription drugs, consumers are being held hostage by an oligopoly. With all the mergers that have taken place in the last decade, there are far too few pharmaceutical producers/manufacturers. As such, they have the ability (and motivation) to drive the price of their products as high as the market will bear. After all, Big Pharma has so much influence and control in the marketplace that the "price of entry" for any newcomer that could possibly offer lower prices is beyond reach.

Under our current system of capitalism, the only 'throttle' to runaway pricing by Big Pharma (or any other industry controlled by an oligopoly) is through some type of governmental intervention.

What Are the Effects of Big Business on Society?


My first thoughts are how wonderful it has been to have this campaign of Bernie's --
how educational for all of us - and to see the reality of this nation as extremely liberal --
something not at all our media wants to even acknowledge.

And -- Bernie won West Virginia tonight -- very happy about that, as well.

But my second thought is that the drug industry -- and perhaps even again with the help
of Congress -- will be looking to INCREASE those VA drug prices as a way to move things
back where they want them as far as pricing.

We have a very corrupt drug industry which has corrupted Congress and our government agencies -
all of government in fact. Our medical system in the US is horrific -- just as horrific as our
polluted environment and the sickness we have brought to the earth and humanity.

Big Pharma's medications are causing the deaths of 100,000+ Americans every year --
and that's aside from the many very serious and permanent injuries their drugs are causing as
"side-effects." Something very wrong here.

I'd also mention that our government has very long been interested in biological and chemical
warfare -- allegedly as a deterrent, but then again the US always seems to be in a defensive posture.
Also we know there have been some very strange and immoral experiments at public expense over time.
In one way or another, Big Pharma's services can be viewed as part of the "National Security State" so
to speak. A question of whether government is protecting Big Pharma or Big Pharma is serviing the
interests of a corrupted government.


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Pressure Drop


Well said, I can't agree more.