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Targeting PATRIOT Act Provision, Rights Groups Urge House Dems to Block NSA From Collecting Americans' Phone Records

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/09/targeting-patriot-act-provision-rights-groups-urge-house-dems-block-nsa-collecting

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I see Shahid Buttar’s face on the right side of the picture. Any of you Californians know how he is doing with that?

Lottsa questions:
NSA has about 40,000 employees. Half are military. Think back 20 years. If we had concentrated on visa student and immigrants - we just might have caught onto the Saudi attack in NYC 9/11.
I do not know if they monitor tweets and social media.
As far as american born nutzoids go, I think the atifa and white nationalists deserve their communications be monitored and their groups be infiltrated for stopping the mass murder attacks we suffered in South Carolina church and Pittsburgh synagogue.

WE opened first class mail starting about 1915. We tapped phones - even in Trump tower as the guy was running for president.

We infiltrated KKK in 1950’s and 60’s. The fbi agent or their employee often became the den leader.

The NSA uses massive computer servers to sort through billions of messages. On the lookout for certain words, phrases, threats.

Let us be careful.

Rights Groups Urge House Dems to Block NSA From Collecting Americans’ Phone Records

Doesn’t matter - too late. With Net Neutrality dead Comcast and ATT are already recording EVERYTHING you do. Wait until they start selling, and using that info (AI anyone?)

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All your phone records, Internet searches, email and GPS locations are being collected and monitored by corporate “big data” anyway so why worry about the NSA? If you put your tinfoil hat on their evil plan will be foiled.

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I think that’s right. The government has super computers that can spy on just about anything. All they need is a little Nixon paranoia and away we go.

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Nixon had his enemies list, now it takes super computers to keep track. O-my.

Hi Phred_Pharkel:

Do congress people think that they are exempt form this spying ? If they know they are grabbed too, why couldn’t they and why wouldn’t they fight against it? I think all of the people working in 17 spy agencies need to be recorded 24 / 7 too. After all, spies aren’t known for their honesty!

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Odd isn’t it?
Maybe they has a gentleman’s agreement…LOL

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From the republicans point of view, the regulations only apply to the underclass, not to politicians of wealth and power. Hence all of the war criminals wandering the good ole U.S.A.

If I live long enough I expect there will be a camera shoved up my arse to give the PTB real time info on my colon.

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We have a group of genuine war criminals from Serbia living two towns west. These are harsh peoples. Angry.
Our US Army captured them, detained them for trials mid 1990’s.
The Britz vouched for them, saying they were valuable resources.
So, they end up in Illinois, and - are running illegal gambling.
These are not military POW’s, normal citizens.

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That’s not taking care, that’s acting paranoid. You want to listen to my private communications? Then get a fucking warrant. Otherwise fuck off.

OK, once you get noticed by a computer program that you are about to commit a mass murder, bomb a school or rest home (soft targets) - the gov’t phones the local sheriff / police to pay you a visit right now.
Meanwhile, they get the warrant and you sit in the back of their cruiser for a while.
Warrant arrives and they search your dwelling, garage, shed, attic.
If you have contraband, you go to the pokey.
If you have a 200 round magazine, loaded - and it ain’t deer season - you have the ‘red flag’.
And this is not touch football.
Don’t forget to request an attorney!!

In 1955 through the 60’s, the KKK was infiltrated. The fbi agent or their employee frequently became the den leader. We had advance knowledge of their attacks and headed off the violence. I am certain you agree that we did the right thing.

there are 1,000 domestic nutzoids, white power types and we know there are 1,000 ISIS types being watched carefully within USA. Some by warrant, but most not.

Yes trump would use that surveillance to spy on his enemies list. To think he would not would be naive. Of course Trump wants it to be permanently installed and so does some democrats and all the republicans. These politicians hate democracy and the rights of the people to be free from overzealous government officials with axes to grind. I dont trust our government to do right by its people. Especially the Trump regime. Nothing but crooks and cons.

The FBI is not your friend OR protector. They are a police state tool to investigate and murder anyone who challenges the Plutocracy. Just ask Fred Hampton. Oh, right. You can’t because the FBI murdered him in his bed. For being an uppity n***er.
Just because they managed to prosecute the KKK for a few measly crimes (they really did a bang up job in Greensboro in '79) doesn’t mean you surrender your privacy to a bunch of jack booted goons who work for a fascist totalitarian police state.

I was in the U.S. Army providing protections to little old black ladies in Alabama who had never been allowed to vote. From Their church to the county courthouse a few blocks away.

A genuine, basic right applicable to Americans denied them.

The fbi in Boston was corrupt with their hit man, Whitey Burger.
The cleveland fbi sat in their car watching three guys put a bomb under the car of their source. Mr. Green. Then sat and watched as he was blown up.

The NYC fbi office was corrupt in October 2016 by informing Comey that they had new emails from Hillary to read thru. They had these from Weiners lap top since Oct.3rd, 2016 looking for interstate sex talk. They darn well had time to read thru all 5,000 emails and notice they were already reviewed months before from Hilary’s server.

She lost 1% overnight of voter support. #1 reason she lost

Hi Gandolf--------that made me laugh! Thank you, as the world is getting weirder, so I need all the laughing that I can get! : )