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Targeting the ICC: Misguided Sanctions Imposed Yet Again

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/12/targeting-icc-misguided-sanctions-imposed-yet-again


This disdain for, or perhaps better, enmity towards, the ICC only echoes the U.S.'s general disdain for anything international, not waving the red,white, and blue; in short anything regarding planetary humanity as a reality or goal.

Like MAGA, it relies on egocentric, PR-engineered False Narratives to produce a fact-less rah-rah among those hordes of all-too-willing Exceptionalists.

Not capable of SEEING, Participating, much less Dealing with REALITY in a meaningful way … it KILLS people, and cares not. It destroys communities wherever we target lands through drones, or by sending in our armed troops.

• If you look a bit carefully, you might just see a parallel with what happens to our own less privileged and impoverished communities. The recent “get you knee off my neck” protests illustrate this attitude … at home.

What we are seeing, once again, is the totally anti-democratic notion of the powerful doing whatever pleases their own goals and ignoring the vast majority.

• Sadly this IS America today both at home and in the globe: a socio-cultural engrandizement of a thorough Ignoring of Reality.
— Basically, a widespread Blindness or Madness as an Organizing Principle. Forget those things we LOVE to recite: the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Those are merely the ads between segments of Our Program.

Resulting from a basic LACK of serious Education, widely and frequently spread via the profit-driven Communications System, our nation has largely lost its way and handed over what SHOULD be “leadership” to those who seek it for control, not human growth, knowledge or advancement.

This is core stuff. We, and our major institutions, have allowed it. For national and global survival, we must reverse this, knock it down and elevate actual, factual knowledge and humanity as the driving forces of society.

The recent demonstrations around the nation and world, specifically at this moment about Black Lives Matter, going on in spite the worldwide pandemic crisis, indicates that more and more people are seemingly starting to get a notion of how things really are, and how they have gone wrong, and will just get worse … until we do something to correct them.

This ICC attitude is just one more iceberg tip that shows just how much and how deeply this change should occur. This planet needs and deserves fully flowered humans in place.