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Tariffs Are a Bad Response to an Imaginary Border Crisis

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/07/tariffs-are-bad-response-imaginary-border-crisis

“The number of unauthorized Southwestern border crossings, meanwhile, for any of these years (between 416,000 and 569,000) is just a fraction of the 1.6 million that crossed the border from Mexico in 2000.”

Mr. Weisbrot prolly knows it but it’s not the numbers, it’s the type of immigration. Previously you had young men that were coming to find work. You would just out those guys on a bus and ship them back.

Currently someone is pushing adults with children to claim asylum. The CBP is not prepared to handle 100,000 adults with kids claiming asylum.

Weisbrot was in Venezuela during Chavez’s time, dispensing advice with the world view of the old style socialist. In short order, Chavez disbanded the group of small, noisy but vibrant left-wing political parties, and consolidated them into the current all-encompassing PSUV party. As with every single party ‘socialist’ country of the 20th century, party cadres promptly took control of businesses big and small, and lined their own pockets. Venezuela is today a failed state, with millions of hungry people clamoring to leave.

When Greece fought gallantly during her struggles with the EU neo-liberals, he was there as well. Thankfully, Greece had her own highly capable anti-neo-liberal economist to steer her course.


Here I am.

CEPR to my mind usually paints a rosier picture of the US economy than exists; same regarding the China scene [China that just banned The Intercept; but all the blame can’t be put on Trump, as the only model they had during the rev-up was us…wasn’t Dragonfly being thought about before the tariffs?..but I’ve found OTOH Mark Weisbrot to be real informative about models/mechanisms in the abstract, never seeing anything amiss in that dept [though no one including him, Rasmus, and/or Dollars&Sense explains currency valuations adequately; and don’t look at me]]. CEPR’s been right on manufacturing, and so has Louis Uchitelle. https://ralphnaderradiohour.com/the-truth-about-american-manufacturing/

All I can say is if there ever was an imperative to not ignore socialist planners that’ll say somethin direct, it sure is now. Pocket liners have been around all through the ages. Right now there’s a big group imagining a green transition will make everything nicer. And that their thinking will “fit” with slight modiifications. Progressive hire-ers will recognize their progressiveness, and they’ll work in some solar heated/cooled Google office. I don’t see it that way. I see no one reading Gail Tverberg [green must be enabled despite the realities she writes about]. I see American pocket liners with what’ll really be a bunch of naive dilettante visions. I can be an entrepreneur in this sector of green, or in that one, or in any of a hundred of’em!!! But then you’ll have the brass tacks pow wows…and the planning with the fast narcissist talkers and OTOH the real seers. Man, will things get noisy.

Yves Smith explained how Yanis flubbed…in an interview on Harry Shearer’s “Le Show.” My personal opinion is that he won’t flub again.

This article, with all its links, is like a book. I hope I can get some young person to value it like I valued my IPS books long ago. Ya gotta read such things when you’re on your second wind. When you’ve said to yourself…I’m reaching back to the lefties anyway! And to the sharpest! Maybe this generation can start even younger, but it’s hard for me to imagine…I mean reading Weisbrot at an age when otherwise someone like Farley Mowat would have been conceived appropriate.