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'Tasteless' Decision by Australian PM to Host Fireworks-Laden NYE Party While Country Burns Condemned

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/31/tasteless-decision-australian-pm-host-fireworks-laden-nye-party-while-country-burns

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In my trip out west this year I saw a lot of fire damage. Talked to park rangers, locals, friends, and my cousins who have lived out there their whole lives. All say there has been an inflection. And then there are the pine beetles. And the disruption of agriculture due to frost-line migration and the like. And, of course, less water. I don’t follow M$M but I bet there has been an explosion in the population of crickets.


The 21st century version of Ceasar fiddling as Rome (in this case Australia as well as the rest of the world) burns.


My sympathy level is lower because we’ve been telling the world so, and they still don’t listen.


absolutely despicable .
last year Sidney spent 7 million dollars for twelve minutes of blowing sht up . seven million would be a very helpful sum to hire more workers and for supplies , but nooo, these idiots would rather watch twelve minutes of colored lights and ear splitting explosions than save the animals , plants and homes from certain destruction .


“Ceasar fiddling”

It was Nero.


“Tasteless” … ?
It’s insanity –

Something very wrong with these people coming to power – criminals, sociopaths,
psychopaths – as so often pointed out about them – and think we have to take that
that diagnosis seriously.


. . . and it’s spelled ‘Caesar’, not ‘Ceasar’ . . .

Morrison, Nero and Tweetle-Dumb have a lot more in common than just being fat and ugly . . .


As the fires keep expanding, the Australian government is unwilling to raise more money for more firefighters.

This is the Australian summer. In terms of lives lost the worst fire day in Australia’s history was February 9, 2009, 174 dead, equivalent in the Northern Hemisphere to August 9. So, they’re giving the existing fires a month and more to expand and merge into even bigger fire fronts before the likely peak fire season.

A fireworks display requires firefighters, because fireworks often misfire and start new fires. Why did Australia yank firefighters off the front lines for party purposes?

“She set her sister’s hair on fire
Sing rickety tickety tin
She set her sister’s hair on fire
And as the smoke and flame rose higher
Danced around the funeral pyre
Playing a violin.” – Tom Lehrer, “The Irish Ballad”


Ok, now Morrison is just rubbing it in. Aussies, are you ready to dump this guy?


This capricious behavior will be the norm for those tools foisted upon suffering nations by the fossil fuels mafia (as Gina Rinehart, Rupe Murdoch and their ilk have upon Australia).


We do the same, except we spend a million every day of the year as long as we are deployed in the ME. We blow sht up EVERY day.
Reminds me of the “mad minute” firing on guard duty from time to time.


Climate emergency denialism by many “in power” threatens all of us and has caused many deaths worldwide…this is environmental war and most of us have chosen not to defend ourselves…take back your power, oust those in denial, ignore the naysayers, and do everything you can, every day, for the planet, for humanity, for all life…


And remember it’s our power ,power is always given .
Let’s just take it back, create systems that work for life and the highest good of all.
We have been undermined by those in authority. They do not represent the common good of humanity.
We are heading backwards ,some say devolving to a new feudal age.


Yeah, probably all of them were pulled out of the same, or similar pile of putrid, stinking shit. And, that is being very generous to those/these worthless bastards!

Don’t forget the nihilists, like Twump, who apparently believe that after a life of aggressively conspicuous consumption, when they finally and inevitably die, nothing else matters.

How’s this for a campaign slogan: “We care about all creatures–two-legged, four-legged, or no-legged–who will come after us.”


Dance while we can, I’d say. Now that we stand a snowball’s chance in Australia.

Good point, PM Morrison should remember Marie Antoinette and her “let them eat cake” comment. That did not bode well for her future. No guillotines anymore; but hopefully he is about to become a political corpse. His behavior is more than appalling it is indefensible, sociopathic maybe even delusional. Welcome to the Trump club Prime Minister; you too can go down in history as a complete idiot living in a neo-liberal never-never-land. After this farce even Rupert Murdoch won’t be able to save him.


From Bob Henson of Wunderground:

Daily highs averaged across the nation were the hottest on record on December 18, with 40.9°C (105.6°F); that record was eclipsed just the next day with 41.9°C (107.4°F). The reading of 49.9°C (121.8°F) at Nullarbor on the 19th was a global record high for any December. As we noted in a post on December 19, such heat is entirely consistent with what we’d expect in a regional and global climate that’s being warmed by human activity—which is exactly what we’ve got.


I’m all for criticism of ScoMo where it’s due, but the fireworks have little to nothing to do with him.