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Tax Cuts for the Rich at Heart of Paul Ryan's Attack on Medicaid

Tax Cuts for the Rich at Heart of Paul Ryan's Attack on Medicaid

Chye-Ching Huang

House Speaker Paul Ryan has made a key Republican motive for pushing ahead with the House GOP health plan explicit in recent interviews:[1] passing the health package first facilitates deeper tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations in subsequent tax legislation.

All from a man with masturbatory fantasies about Ayn Rand.
Atlas Shrugged as Ryan tugged.


Very good article about a subject few are interested in. Your discussion is lively.

Continued exodus from repubs and dems will produce a solid workable independent majority unbothered by old fashioned ideas of left and right.

People like Paul Ryan really do believe Russia attacked Ukraine, destroyed its democracy and stole their naval port in Crimea. Dear Paul really does want to help poor wealthy people.

Can we make a guess at when the US government is irrelevant except for being a totalitarian democracy destroying nightmare?

From the Real News:


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Paul Ryan who believes himself to be one of the smart guys in the room is probably one of the people least in touch with the population that have live with his inane and dangerous policies. He is in short stupid utterly and completely stupid. Sorry Paul.
I would like to know the name of the professor who put him on to Ayn Rand.

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Paul Ryan: Is he even human?

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When Paul Ryan dies, the Devil will shove Osama bin Laden to one side and give the seat at his side to Paul Ryan.

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I will never understand why working americans vote for assholes like Ryan…He clearly does not represent average voters…He only works for corporations that pay for his elections…If you vote for Ryan and your not rich…THEN you are stupid beyond belief.