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Tax Cuts for the Rich Help the Rich, Not You


Tax Cuts for the Rich Help the Rich, Not You

Josh Hoxie

Soon you’re going to hear about taxes.

You’ll see images of families flashing across your TV screen while a soothing narrator assures you that the tax plan being debated in Washington really is good for you. The newspapers you read, the social media apps you scroll through, the websites you frequent, and the snippets of radio you catch will all feature ads talking about it.

That’s what a marketing blitz looks like, and there’s one coming for the Trump tax plan. It will be well-produced, well-orchestrated, and completely devoid of facts.


The Constitution says: of the people; by the people; and for the people. That needs to be amended to: of the rich people; by the rich people; and for the rich people.


Getting this message across to the poorly educated will be the main goal of any “honest” politician.


They’re working on it. :smiley:


Be prepared to hear them ramp up the worn out trickle down rhetoric we have been battered with since Saint Ron’s revolution.

After more than three decades of the 99% being soaked with 100% yellow trickle down, any Murkin continuing to believe the BS must be colorblind.


Nobody likes to pay taxes so the threat of having to pay taxes has been the source of much of the US’s prosperity in the 50s and 60s when the marginal tax rate was as high as 90% on individuals and 52% on corporations. Over that time the average GDP growth was 4%, a growth rate we would wet our pants to have now.
As a business person or corporation, what would you rather do? Give your money to the Gummint? or invest in equipment, production space, new locations, advertising to increase market and any number of other tax deductible investments that require paying workers?
Now corporations are not investing in more production though they are having record profits, even more than in the fifties. There is no market for increased production because there is less disposable income. No one to buy. Retail sales are down. So you buy back stock which was illegal in the 50s because it artificially drove up stock prices that then crashed hurting the large public employee retirement fund. But Trump, the Repugs and Dimocrits could care less because their campaign funds come from corporations and not people.
There has been a concerted class war and the .01% is holding the battlefield but the 99% still has power if they only realized it. By the way to find link I had to wade through 4 ads promoting reducing corporate taxes mascarading as articles.


Duh. Of course the tax plan is for the rich, they are writing it.


Tax at FDRs rates for people. Tax corporations on their gross income not net. Net income is a phrase contrived by lobbyists and accountants.

Increase SS to a minimum of minimum wage. Increase minimum wage to 15 per hour. Release the cap. No phony carried interest, Capitol gains discount.


Ah-yup — The Fat-Cats piss on the Middle Class, and it Trickles Down onto the working poor.

Return to Eisenhower-Era Pro$perity   —   Return to Eisenhower-Era Tax Rate$!!


The Republicans will cut taxes then they will claim entitlements are causing the deficit.


Corporations’ “entitlements” to corporate welfare (which includes tax cuts) ARE “causing the deficit”.


No, the PEOPLE have to remember that it is WE the people not THEY the people.


I never get this, why would a rich person or a corporation not want to pay taxes in the country where he/she lives. How would the military even protect them? If they do not want to live here- they can leave and live in their tax haven


We’re trying to get minimum of 15.00 in MA plus medicare for all on the ballot in MA. . Yes, release the cap on SS oh yes! Also, until Reaguns- it seems that we were not hearing that much about tax breaks for the poor huddled masses of rich people.


Of course- since Reaguns these billionaires have been getting birthday presents then they have the nerve to complain. It was these people who crashed the economy when they earn 100 million a year! We need a common purpose in this country- one where anyone who is able has required community service no matter how rich or poor you are.


Thank you- I learned a lot, and yes I lived through that time period. You’re right- no market for increased production as people buy what they need. Too bad our economy is based on consumerism and the concept of more. Only many people do not ever get MORE rather they get less. Nobody likes to pay taxes, but most people do not make a big deal of it. The .01% are the biggest whiners… The are also the biggest hoarders probably saving their money for at least four generations if not more. Mayor Bloomberg was on TV A couple of weeks ago- his assets total over 47 billion. He admitted that even with giving to family what was he going to do with it- so he invests in companies where people can actually work. Many of these types do not care and only hoard to see how much more they can make. More is never enough.


Don’t you just love it when some “poor” business owner says that essentially a living wage paid would be bad for business? And the sheeple believe it! No, it is not bad for business- because you can actually buy something but they do not want people to see that.