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Tax Cuts for the Rich, Paid for with Your Health Care


Tax Cuts for the Rich, Paid for with Your Health Care

LeeAnn Hall

So-called “tax reform” would have the same result as health care repeal: millions lose their care, while millionaires get a tax break.

The rich get richer and the rest of us lose income, health care, and other essential services like housing, food, and education. (And don’t think they won’t come for Social Security next.)


The drug companies that benefit from the gubmit prohibiting Medicare and ACA from negotiating drug prices will be among the group getting the biggest tax cuts.


they don’t care about your protests of “NO”. THe republicans and corporate dems are beholden only to their donors (think Dianne Feinstein) … the only thing that has a chance of breaking the plutocratic/corporate domination of our economic system is whole say blood on the street demonstrations at levels not seen since the '60’s and really it has to be worse than those days.

At least in the '60’s coming off the post WWII victory the US had its one and only strong vibrant middle class. People were able to easily do better than their parents since more than half the worlds capitalist production had been wiped out, american workers had real strength when dealing with the fascist capitalist pigs.

thas is not the case today as anyone can tell. the average working person will again have to put their life on the line as in the late parts of the 19th and early 20th century to turn back this regressive economic/political policy put forth by the two dominant capitalist parties in the US.

Good Luck everyone willing to take up the challenge. It will very soon be not a matter of choice but of survival.


I agree. Please remember though that if someone was not white or at least middle class in the fifties and sixties then these sayings might not apply. American workers had real strength due to unions plus there tended to be tighter communities. These days not all but enough people are living in areas in which they are there for jobs but their parents might live somewhere else. The fracturing of communities including exporting of jobs, financial meltdowns, and people having to choose whether to take time off to take care of themselves or their families or just work sometimes two or three jobs is all contributing to this lack of center. That and an exploding world population in which only the few garner enough of the resources. Read the book Tribe by Sebastian Junger- a real eye opener!