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Tax Cuts in Hand, CEOs Admit They Won't Invest Record Profits in Worker Wage Hikes


Tax Cuts in Hand, CEOs Admit They Won't Invest Record Profits in Worker Wage Hikes

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As America's largest banks post record profits, massive companies continue their unprecedented stock buyback spree, and already-obscene CEO pay packages are set to rapidly expand in the after


As I heard or read Michael Parenti put it some years ago: "There´s only one thing they want, and that´s everything.


Like any of us expected them to share…


Welcome to the end times of Anarcho-Capitalism. Milton Friedman – “Let’s put global crime syndicates in charge of our future. What could possibly be wrong with that? Unleash the tiger!” Unfortunately they will take everyone down with them.


So let me try to understand this.

Corporations are evil and destroy the planet with consumer goods.

And people want paid more to work there so they can buy more consumer goods for their families.

I am so glad irony is not dead.

So basically, on the one hand people say the corporations are destroying the planet. But what REALLY bothers people is they are not getting paid enough by the corporations while they destroy the planet.


That’s just silly. Who are “they”? Coca Cola? They make high fructose corn syrup drinks. And the people who demand more pay to make high fructose corn syrup drinks are also a part of this equation.

And on and on. You hate corporations, but want to work for them and get paid well for doing it so you can buy products made by corporations.

Then people go have more kids, and the process starts all over, until nothing is left.


Who are us? The people who demand more pay to work for companies that make consumer junk?

And then those same people have more kids, and want more junk, and more pay. Of course the CEOs want more money. Where do you think Coca Cola gets it’s resources? That takes brute force to maintain.

And as those resources run out due to climate and habitat overshoot, the brutality gets worse.

The question then becomes, why do you want to work for Coca Cola?


Union Yes!!!


If you look around you would realize that the “consumer society” is almost dead. the workers don’t make enough today to buy the crap the corps produce. All their income goes to food, shelter and clothing. Capitalism is killing itself, remember when Henry Ford decided to pay his workers more, so they could buy the cars they made.


How much do you think people should earn for making Coca Cola?

Just as an example.


Why don’t you quit your fucking job?


Second Question - Here are the ingredients of Coca Cola. They use resources to make it. So how does one balance the resources needed with the amount paid to workers?

Water to produce crops grows more scarce each day. What is the wage a CEO should make to maintain those resource flows, since it requires massive efforts of drilling, military, farming, bottling and other structures to maintain?

The present formula for Coca-Cola includes carbonated water, sugar, color, phosphoric acid and natural flavors that include caffeine.


What is amusing about the comments section of this site is that people here consider themselves righteous holders of compassionate society.

Yet, when you ask particular questions, the insults and sheer coldness take over.

The article used Coca Cola as an example.

I am just asking you how much should someone get paid to make Coca Cola?


I don’t give a fuck about Coke, I don’t drink it. I am also not a “consumer freak”, as you seem to have an obsession about.


You don’t give a fuck about Coke?!!!

But the article used that company as an example!

Don’t you care about the workers? The People?

I am trying to understand. If corporations are evil because they are destroying the planet, then why do people demand to be paid more to work in those companies?


You didn’t answer my question about quitting your job, you’re a fucking troll.


i’m getting thirsty…


Hmm . . . Could someone in this chain be channeling DT?


I see. So if you call someone a fucking troll, that means they are required to answer you.

And this is the socialist dream being offered up.

CEOs are evil Corporations are evil. Don’t ask difficult questions!


Tax cuts are going back to the CEO’s and not to worker pay, hmmmm?..
.I’m shocked, shocked!!! to find out gambling is taking place here!!