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Tax Day—the Nuclear Option

Tax Day—the Nuclear Option

Robert Dodge

"Don't tell me what you value. Show me your budget and I'll tell you what you value," Former vice president Joe Biden quoting his father knew that a budget reflected the values and priorities of our nation. Each April our country funds its priorities. Ultimately, as the Rev. Jim Wallis has said, "Budgets are moral documents."


The Geneva Conventions are only as good as their enforcement. So far US leaders and others responsible for murder, torture and other human evils those people are responsible for have escaped any kind of punishment for decades. No enforcement leads to the violations getting ever more accepted and far more severe. It would be good to see the UN pass this, and enforce it.


The citizens of countries, both nuclear and non nuclear, have nearly no leverage with their political leaders with which to lessen the threat to all that these weapons represent, Political leaders in nuclear armed countries just flat don’t want to even work towards giving them up. It makes them feel powerful, makes certain their role in the " world stage" so they will do nothing beyond ineffective gestures and soeeches.

Unless We The People can somehow devise ways to at least seem to be able to influence leaders to start leading us away from this dangerous nuke addiction, the chances of one of them “pushing the button” in the insanely deluded belief that they can somehow prevail. They can’t,

None of the issues that the nuclear nations might use to launch an attack or defense to the detriment of those of us whi keep trying to put the meme into play that humans don’t have to to these bombs are a danger to everybody and they aren’t in any way necessary.

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Yes, what the UN is up against is it’s Most Powerful Member, now strong enough to intimidate and defy the UN, and then deride the UN’s ensuing impotence.


Insane power hungry Oligarchs will always grab power and force their will on everyone they can.

The American people voting Democrat or Republican has enabled them to get to this point in time.

Democrats and Republicans are intent on maintaining Empire here. Maintaining 700+ Military bases worldwide is killing our country and making them wealthy beyond their dreams.

Only we can stop this.


Conservatives are intent on killing us for fun and profit. Rather than killing us with nukes, wouldn’t it be more humane to kill us rapidly with say, nerve agents? At least it would be cheaper, we wouldn’t suffer for long and survivors wouldn’t inherit a radioactive world.

Direct Online Democracy

A truly excellent piece by Robert Dodge. We need leaders like him.

We have polluted this planet with radioactivity. To borrow from Imagine Dragons, welcome to the new age…

Yes, only we can stop this. Our problem is how to unify a good majority of our citizens to do just that. Right now they have enough people hanging on by their fingernails who don’t want to lose their feeble grip and a lot more with two cars in a garage mortgaged to the hilt who don’t care a whit about the millions our government has murdered and disabled as long as the malls stay open and their tv’s work.