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Tax Dollars Can Buy Happiness


Tax Dollars Can Buy Happiness

Leo Gerard

Corporatists castigated two lawmakers in recent weeks for daring to offer economic Xanax prescriptions to cure rampant American economic anxiety.

“Stupid,” is what they branded new Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as she became the youngest woman ever to serve in the U.S. House.

“Unlikeable” is what they excoriated U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren with as she began exploring a run for the presidency.


It will take at least a generation or two before a majority of Americans see their way of life as inferior and defective.

Every man for himself is still the default position.

Less government. Lower taxes. More freedom.

That remains the script, the bible, for most Americans, even for many democrats.

It’s a very long road to get to hygge.

In my lifetime, probably not.


Until we can educate greater swaths of the electorate to cease voting against their own interests we shall remain in an economic/social quagmire. Big Money knows all to well how to toot their dog whistles. Faux social issues (issues that are not meant to be resolved but rather preserved for political usefulness, such as abortion) must be revealed for what they are. Both rural and urban poverty must be addressed in meaningful, culturally empathetic manners. People need to learn to not be bamboozled by self-serving politicians and to follow the beacons of those who serve the people themselves. Much easier said than done.


It is hard to imagine the general American public understanding this, let alone demanding and defending it. Most are convinced they live in the best country on earth, most have never traveled or seen a foreign movie (which is a rarity anyway), most go through the education system and come out knowing less than their Dane counterparts, and most have demonstrated to be passive to the point of accepting one of the most exploitative systems in existence. Nothing wrong with all these proposals and including the green deal, but it is just sad at how cosmetic they really truly are, vis a vis the intricate design of a very cruel system.


Dump The Duopoly.

Create a real representative political party, and support it for all time.

Retire the Liars and Thieves.


Ayuh. Though, since manufacture of Murka’s giant bootstraps has been outsourced to China, perhaps a disruption in the supply chain would shake citizens from their stupor.


I hope you are wrong. I hope all Americans can experience hygge in your lifetime.


Like someone said: money cannot buy happiness, so just give me the $$$$ and let me buy the kind of misery I want!


The 2020 election most likely will come down to a debate between democratic socialism and corporate capitalism. I think corporate capitalism is frightened.


It should be.


Are you telling others to do this? Who would that be? Other than the tribal people, our country has always been for the rich.


Wait a minute- I agree it would be great if we could experience this. We do ( but most do not want to admit it) have some forms of “socialism” - welfare, medicare, social security, public schools etc. Many Mericans do not want to pay taxes- it’s in the DNA. I once saw a PBS special ( well at least a part of it). A Danish CEO said that he would not outsource work for cheaper labor because his small business staff were part of his family. The American ( I think American or British - but probably American) interviewer told the Dane to outsource. The American whiner- got a real tongue lashing from the Danish man. I liked this Danish CEO-!


No celebrations ( unless it’s the immediate family), small town life with carpets rolled up at 6:00, and no dancing in the streets so to speak. Yep , just work and pay your bills- that is the USA>


Am I telling others to re-register as anything other than either of the two Corporate parties?

Hell yeah.

For many years in fact. The corporate parties have sold their souls for money and power. This at one time was against the law, however, the corporations and the wealthy have had them make legislative changes to many laws so that it’s now legal, even if it’s still perceived at unethical or immoral.

In my opinion, the 1% are entitled to 1% of all benefits. The 99% entitled to the remainder.


Don’t you know, they don’t have souls. They are greed masters. They stir up the brew and expect us to take what we get and shut up and go away. .
The money is siphoned off in many places to pay for the space program that we are not supposed to know about.


Take that, and like it…


Thanks. I’ll prepare myself, and listen.

PS Trump’s shit just started leaking out of his diaper. The traitor

                 A mini rock opera.


First live band that I ever saw.

I know what goes on in DC is provoking us to all sorts of thoughts and emotions, however, it’s up to us, the elders, to keep a cool head, and be there for the younger generations when and if they are prepared to act.


boy I hope so!


Luckily I have my teeth (not in a jar) I don’t use the hearing aids anyway, and I am still able to walk a few blocks. But I would have to bring a mini pharmacy with me. I’m still game. We can fill in the bare spots.
Interesting version of Iron Butterfly’s In-a-gadda-da-vida