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Tax Dollars Can Buy Happiness


You’re not supposed to know about anti-gravity solar travel at 1/60
the speed of light nor Mars & Venus colonization.
What’s your badge number?


The three times that I saw them live in the 60’s, they performed In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida a little different each time.

You’re scaring me about carrying a pharmacy around. Are we talking medical grass, or something more sinister?


One of these days…


Man, Do I wish I had been at Massey Hall in 1971 for this show…


Have lived in Denmark for almost 10 years soon, and while it has indeed been a fantastic place to live there is a great deal of anxiety of late as well.
We have the same rise in fascism as the rest of Europe due to massive immigration coupled with propaganda, and there is also the imminent rise in sea levels which is threatening to swallow the entire country.
Denmark’s highest point is only about 170m, and almost all of the cities are close sea level.
The government, predictably, does nothing and the word climate change gets about as much press coverage in Denmark as in America.
If you are thinking of moving, i would suggest someplace cold and mountainous.


Thanks Tarsus for that recommendation…


Goodnight Everyone.


I just happen to have a wide range of interests. From too serious to too kookie.

Our REAL space race makes just as much sense as the truth about JFK and 9-11.

I don’t know if our Friends are here to help us save the planet, or here to clean up after we are gone one way or another. Interdimensional travel is intriguing.


I have a visit coming up with the Pain Clinic and the first thing I’m going to mention is medical grass. Some necessary things like heart and b/p meds. I take others but they can be optional.
My VA (C-file, medical record) is 2-3 inches thick if that helps.


Our bass player, Keith, from our 1965 short lived band passed away. 68 years young.


I’m not sure that the pain clinic personnel can recommend a medicinal cannabis card, but don’t forget to mention PTSD from your jungle experience, care of Uncle Sam.

Bless you Gandolf. May your pain be vanquished.

Bless Keith and those who loved him.

Bless us all.

Have a Cigar.

I found this group the other night and they were playing at Red Rocks amphitheater. They’re pretty good.


Here’s a little more medicine for you G, a little band outta West Virginia, Bobaflex.




Message received and understood.



I started to watch “Let it be” and ended up watching the whole movie. First time I saw the whole thing instead of bits and pieces. Pretty good. Must have been 68-69ish. Later PB


I hope so too.


My design for anti-gravity is only science fiction. Jules Vernes novel “First man on the Moon” employed anti-gravity, so I’m trying to channel his thinking. It’s shaped like a globe, as was Vernes vehicle, about 300’ diameter. It’s studded with north and south polar command centers and 6 equatorial operations capsules, each individually habitable and connected by horizontal elevator tubes. Gravity is always toward the globe center which is also connected with these elevators. Midway between the globe center and outer capsules are 12 docking and emergency exit capsules also connected with these elevators. Its power system can be called ‘atomic’ but it’s neither fission, fusion nor even radioactive. Its fuel is simple hydrogen accelerated from the globe center to the docking capsule corridors, recharged with photovoltaic arrays that ‘jacket’ the entire sphere. It’s just science fiction. I’m no fan of colonizing or exploiting the solar system for resources. Space exploration for scientific purposes only.