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Tax Haven Ireland Protests EU's $14 Billion Tax Bill for Apple


Tax Haven Ireland Protests EU's $14 Billion Tax Bill for Apple

Nika Knight, staff writer

The European Commission on Tuesday issued a sweeping ruling against Apple, Inc., demanding that the company pay Ireland $14 billion in back-taxes. The commission found Ireland's tax levy on the multinational company a "sweetheart deal" that amounted to illegal state aid under European policy.


The evil scheming EU does it again - imposing on the sovereignty of a member nation again! Like the UK, Ireland needs to free itself from the EU so it can be a stooge of corporate power as it pleases - and also get free of all the meddlesome environmental protection, labor, consumer and food standards that the EU imposes on them.

And there will be plenty of gullible “leftists” who will side with the tech billionaires and their wholly owned subsidiary called the “Republic of Ireland” in this quest for “Eirexit” too, just like there was in the UK.


The Catholic Church? It was the savage Protestant British - starting with Cromwell who made Irish convert to Protestantism or be executed - who maintained Ireland as a vassal state.

Please learn some Irish history!


Right, it is precisely as one-sided as you frame it:

Stay in the EU, and you are free from the ravages of neoliberalism.

Except, nonsense. It is nowhere near as neat as your simplistic frame.

Just to hit that with a blunt object:

Clearly, Greece has been protected from neoliberal predation by the EU framework…


Apple charges more for their products than they are worth…They make billions yet you would think that paying taxes would bankrupt them…Nope it wont they are just to greeedy they want it all…I say fk em tax the shit out of these assholes…Give them a reason to charge more…


Or prepare for the Economic Hitmen.


More specifically both the Catholic Church and the Protestant British held the Irish captive for centuries. Sadly, many are still brainwashed.


Here Mark, you might like this. https://freedocumentaries.org/documentary/the-tax-free-tour#watch-film
What I cannot understand is how the thoroughly corrupt/sold out EU calls anyone out on tax evasion - something smells funny about this.


Oh, forgot to mention referring to the doc on tax evasion, check out the kicker at around 48.


So the EU should not have gone after Apple then?

My point remains valid. The EU is trying to collect taxes for Ireland, but Ireland refuses to accept the taxes because their politicians are owned by Apple.

An apparently, these “ravages of neoliberalism” also include strong protections for labor, the environment, food safety, GMO’s, welfare, healthcare. I wish I lived in Europe.

Greece is an entirely different subject.


Yeah and I guess you an islamophobe too like Dawkins, the late Hitchens and the rest of the intolerant scowling-atheist set.


Taking a belated bite out of a royally rotten Apple


Like UK, Ireland need to exit EU…


And the US Treasury Department vaguely threatens the EU for attempting to collect taxes. Wow. The corruption explodes way past blatant.


Hillary and the Donald in Delaware? Wha’ happen?


Cromwell’s massacres have some complicated history behind them. One can over-simpify history just a little too much, and it occurs regularly in these columns.

One has to recall that Henry VIII had effectively liberated England from the avaricious and dead hand of institutionalised Catholic superstition in the mid-1500s, and as a consequence Catholic Ireland had become a potential stepping-stone for the invasion of what was then very much a lesser power both economically and in population, England, by the Catholic Great Powers of the day, France and Spain. Cromwell did his thing in Ireland only 60 years after the Catholic Spain (and its rabid “mullahs” who ran its Inquisition) had attempted to invade England via the Spanish Armada and a 30 000-strong army in the Netherlands, owned by Spain at the time, as indeed was Scotland.

60 years is not a long time since the threat of invasion, or actual invasion, as indicated by Russian concerns over the USA’s machinations in Ukraine.Ireland was then England’s equivalent to modern Ukraine.


Seems to me that the Irish government doe not want to collect taxes. I trust that the ordinary Irish taxpayer is aware of this burdensome obligation taken on the Irish government and thus also declines to cause the government unnecessary trouble by continuing to pay taxes.


Look. The north American colonies fought a 7-year revolution not to pay taxes. The USA is merely continuing its cultural grand tradition of liberating people from paying taxes!


Obama should be backing the EU and demanding OUR cut of those taxes Ireland detoured through Dublin. He should have been the one who pitched this battle for US in the first place. Apple is treasonous for offshoring to avoid paying the fair share of taxes that the majority of patriotic citizens do …and proudly…even when it hurts. They’re traitors…I make no exceptions to my accusations!


History is indeed complex, especially when it’s authors are heavily biased in their interpretation. I can see a few of your own biases. Firstly, Henry VIII (Defensor Fidei) did not pursue schism with Rome for reasons of enlightenment of his people, most of whom were very happy as Catholics. His break was for purely personal reasons all in the need to preserve his legacy via a male heir (as everyone can agree). So filthy lucre was the motivation, not religious freedom. His protestant clique were a cancerous presence - much as the CIA is in US today. They were not at all happy with Henry’s legitimate daughter Catholic Mary Tudor, and were the driving force behind the crowning of the bastard Elizabeth. Mary Stuart has the superios claim to the English throne, but alas, she was inconveniently Catholic. It was her imprisonment by Elizabeth which prompted the Spanish Armada (1588), though Mary Queen of Scots was beheaded by her cousin (1587). Such an act of regicide was abhorred by Europe. My namesake Hugh O’Neill successfully fought English rule in Ireland but appealed to Phillip of Spain for help. He was fighting for Gaeilic Ireland, but could not raise any assistance from the Old English Catholics in Ireland, not because of their religion, but because of their misplaced loyalty to the English throne. So when you speak of Catholic “rabid mullahs”, you reveal several layers of ignorance and biases against Catholics, Moslems, Irish and Scots. The madness of King George perhaps?