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Tax Laws Should Not Be A Shroud for 'Dark Money' Donors


Tax Laws Should Not Be A Shroud for 'Dark Money' Donors

Common Cause

WASHINGTON - The Internal Revenue Service should act promptly to block non-profit political committees from using the tax laws to hide the identity of their donors, Common Cause said today.

In a letter to IRS Commissioner John Koskinen, the non-partisan citizen advocacy organization said that in recent years partisan operatives “have exploited I.R.S. regulations to funnel hundreds of millions of dollars through sham nonprofit organizations into our elections.”



The “IRS scandal” had nothing to do with these big money operations, and its free pass to them has nothing to do with the “scandal”.

Like all regulatory agencies, they defer to power. Their purpose isn’t to cleanse the system, but to provide a veneer of legitimacy to it. Occasionally, they’re compelled to take some comparatively mild action to maintain the pretense.

But that isn’t the case here as yet, is it?