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Tax Reform as a Trojan Horse and the Muffled Mumblings of the Democrats


Tax Reform as a Trojan Horse and the Muffled Mumblings of the Democrats

John Atcheson

Drowning the beast. 

"They are gutting the energy industry sector that is actually creating the most jobs.  Why? Because they are indebted to the coal, oil and gas industry." (Photo: Megan Behm/Twitter)


Democrats. Need. New. Leadership. They need to make a choice between representing the lobbyists or the electorate. They are like junkies who can’t let go of the needle, which is full to the brim with corporate cash. Kick the habit and they will win elections again.


So the Democrats problem is that people don’t believe them because the Democrats take Big Money and the solution is for Democrats is to change their message without eliminating the Big Money and people will then believe the Democrats?

Or we could demand small contribution candidates. www.onedemand.org


Great article. Yeah, we hear alot about how bad this taxscam is, but no proposals are evr put forth by these dimwit dinocraps. I get emails from “Nancy Pelosi” about how many polls have the democrats in the lead for 2018. It is these dimwits who got us into this hell in the first place, and yeah, now they have purged Kieth and Bernie from the DNC. No wonder people don’t like them, I hate 'em too, but…ARRRGHGHHHH!!!


I’ve learned over many years that when a politician (either party) calls for “reform” in anything, grab your ass AND wallet. It’ll be real interesting when the Republicans and many Dems will soon become interested in the deficit again and come after SS, Medicare and Medicaid to supposedly cut the deficit. Remember, that there is a “payroll” tax that specifically pays for SS & Medicare. Wonder how they will euphemistically name that “reform”? Again, REMEMBER that all working people pay that tax and it is NOT a progressive tax. My guess they will just rename it oh, something like the deficit reduction tax that ALL patriotic Americans will WANT to pay to reduce the deficit we all supposedly created. Like I said in the beginning, grab your ass & wallet.


Ah, yes, the (very) muffled mumblings of the Dem establishment and so-called “leadership” - where the Hell are the VERY LOUD opposition and forcing media to broadcast their “opposition”? - or are they all just timid complicit shills for big-money and business-as-usual? The question was rhetorical as the answer is obvious - the schumer. pelosi, DNC, DLC remnants, clinton/obama sellout wing, and the usual quisling suspects are just not up to the task of being an “opposition” to the trump regimes tax scam, overt racism, fascism, militarism, environmental destruction/neglect, or the decimation of our “regulatory” agencies - even as half-assed as they’ve been.

With an “opposition” like the Dem establishment sellouts, who needs R’Cons to screw us without even a reach-around!

The Dem Party non-leadership is stagnant and moribund and refuses to reform or rebuild - except for the non-Dem Bernie Sanders, who is about the only politician with any gumption they are pathetic - and don’t give me that “sheepdog” troll rubbish!

Its obvious the R’Cons & trump regime are committing fraud, theft and a crime that will benefit mostly a small demographic of super-rich, including especially the thief-liar-nutter-in-chief, the ginger pig!

The 99% will be forced - one way or another - to replace the lost revenue gifted via the “tax-reform” bill/theft, to the richest and greediest scum in the country by the most corrupt, lying, and delusional scum in the Congress!

For your enjoyment and hopeful future


The corporate, Clinton wing (and this includes Obama) of the Democratic Party care little about winning elections and implementing good policy. They care about getting rich and that can be accomplished win or lose.


Remember when Obama offered to make Social Security part of a grand bargain? Remember when Obama created the Catfood Commission with the goal of cutting Social Security?

The truth is the Democratic Party really doesn’t care about Social Security and Medicare. The Democratic Party is no longer the party of FDR. Except for Bernie Sanders. But all we hear from Democrats is, “Bernie isn’t even a Democrat!”

Actually Bernie is the last Democrat.


Where can I get this clip I want to share it


Thanks, this should be shared widely…maybe if we all think and manifest enough…

search this - It’s #MuellerTime from Russia with Love

or From Russia with Love, Trump edition - both will get you there.