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Tax ‘Reform’: Have Americans Finally Wised Up?Friends of the


Tax ‘Reform’: Have Americans Finally Wised Up?Friends of the

Neal Gabler

Congressional Republicans have delegitimized taxes in order to delegitimize government.


Lamestreet media i.e. nbc, abc, cbs, cnn, msnbc et al are a big part of duping Americans.

They have plenty of recordings, tapes, digital and report after report that shows that these tax cuts don’t work. You would think they might look back if they can’t remember facts? analyze and report to we the people?

Why not? They are the 1%, .01% and they are looking out for their own best interests all six of them. They are looking after their fellow 1%. Break up the media monopolies.


Sick, homeless, starving people don’t vote. That’s their plan.


Exactly- and they do not care for soldiers or vets either. They are overpriveledged pieces of crap.


Corporate Ahmericah and the zillionaires certainly do not need tax cuts. Corporations are making record profits.


Maybe, just maybe, the American people will come to their senses and realize they have been getting screwed by the Repubs for decades. When it comes to taxes and economic policy, the Repubs are all about the truly wealthy - most Rs do not give a damn about anyone but their donors - and their donors are not the same as Bernie’s donors - their average donation is not $27. Probably more like $270,000, or more.

Interestingly, 10s of millions of people voted for Trump because they were tired of both parties, tired of being screwed and they realized the system really is rigged against us. Hopefully most now see that Trump is simply a con man - he fooled most of the people and he and his family and cronies will make out like the bandits they are.

So why would anyone now believe Trump and most Repubs when they tell us “this tax cut is for you”? This is an incredible sham. Tired of being screwed by the system? Why would you now believe that Trump, Ryan and McConnell, Hatch, Pruitt, Mnuchin, Mulvaney and the rest of these crooks are anything but hucksters? Do you really believe these people when they tell you this is a tax cut for you? If you do, please take a look at this bridge I have for sale. It’s a beauty and you can collect a toll fee for life and live happily ever after.
Just pick up your phone or send an email to your Senators and House Rep. - if they vote for this tax cut you will nevr again vote for them.
So Trump told us he’s smart, and that’s why he has not paid taxes in 20 years. Just imagine this: what if everyone was as “smart” as little Donny Trump, and no one paid any taxes for 20 years. What would America be like? Who would educate our children, pay for police, fire, military, care for our parks, elderly, the sick and others born unlucky? Taxes are the dues we all must pay for a civilized society. Those fortunate to have been born into wealth and those fortunate to have hit the economic jackpot have the responsibility to share - just like we were taught in kindergarten. Just like little Donny Trump - he just never graduated emotionally from kindergarten. And he’s the president of the United States of America. OMG


I firmly believe that trump would never have been elected without the help of the MSM.
I also believe that Clinton would not have been the Democratic candidate if the MSM had not totally ignored Sanders.


The real one per cent are the military members , but they protect the criminals of this one per cent.


And he just made trophy hunting for Amercians legal in Africa again, and they can bring back dead animals. Did it for his sons. What a b tard.


Well, “Most of the people, most of the time”, at least.

ECON 101 - Trickle Down:  The Fat-Cats piss on the Middle Class, and it Trickles Down onto everyone else.

The RePooplicans have pretty much delegitimitzed just about everything except military spending (in no way ‘defense’ but subjugation of all opposition to Multi-National Korporations controlling everything) and education (unconstitutional tax-funded voucher payments to DeVos’ “christian” schools so they can brainwash our child­ren with anti-rational, pro-theocratic bullshit).

Return to Eisenhower-Era PRO$PERITY   —   Return to Eisenhower-Era TAX RATE$!!   . . . and use the money to restore OUR commons – PUBLIC Schools, PUBLIC Highways, PUBLIC Parks, and PUBLIC Health Care for All Citizens.


Every dollar that the 1% and their corporations save on taxes is another dollar the gubmit squeezes out of you and I.

Talking point parrots tell us that corporations pass the taxes they pay on to us in the form of higher prices. I tell them that corporations only pass the taxes on to me if I buy something from them which I avoid doing whenever possible. Except for Obama’s ACA the gubmit has never required me to buy anything from corporations.


What you say is incontrovertibly true. I well remember how much attention the mass media lavished upon the Trump campaign, while ignoring Sanders’ campaign. I remember at least one primary day when they had cameras focused on an empty podium at Trump headquarters, waiting for Trump to give a speech. Of course, they never gave Sanders that sort of attention. And they treated Hillary as the Anointed One.


These people ( except for Sanders) get too much attention- and we hear about them instead of the news about the environment, the wars, soldiers and just every day issues such as healthcare, education etc.