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'Tax Reform'? No, GOP Plan is 'Wealth Care'

'Tax Reform'? No, GOP Plan is 'Wealth Care'

Dave Zweifel

"Reform" that will save big corporations and wealthy Americans trillions

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Whoa,whoa,whoa there, white man, you fail to point out that WEALTH is a result playing the ‘grand chess game’ wherein FIRST and FOREMOST all not part of the .01% are COLONIZED in their places. Using silos of varied jailings through government sponsored anxiety (makes for great ‘speculation’ in pharma stock) - such as shitting on healthcare for tainted profits, student debt for lender profit, you get the drift of the buried narrative.

“Government” is more blatantly than ever the planned for ‘grand chessboard’ of sociopaths and, dare I note, an apparent Full Monty presumably based on statistics citing irreversible climate change being issued. From the technocratic media chess players the narrative is one of ‘fake science’ (talk about the pot calling the kettle black). At the same time, NO ONE EVEN MENTIONS THE CRAP BEING SPRAYED IN THE SKIES ALL OVER THE WORLD … so, do tell me why, kemosabe, we talk about some things BUT not about others. Might it be because the narrative is massaged to result in NOT speaking about what one’s eyes behold?

Please note - this is not a rhetorical question. Just consider what you, as an individual see, but never mention, and observe how it is situated in the context of the “personal” and the “public”. Take those observations and analyze what they mean in terms of being a part of a respectful and loving society.


Neither “reform” or the word “care” should be used by the Media in reporting what is happening in Congress.

The cancer which has been growing in our government for decades, has matastasized in 95% of the voting electorate and media.

Each and every election, the parties of the Duopoly convince the voters not to have the cancer surgery that would remove the sickness from their lives.

They tell everyone, “It’s not that bad, all you need to do is vote for us. Everything will be fine if you do. We’ll see to making everything right.”

I had my operation to cut the cancer out many years ago, and I absolutely refuse to allow it back into my life.

I fear for the young, those who are naive because they haven’t lived long enough to see the devastation of freedoms this government is capable of.

I fear for those who are too young or too old that they must rely on others for basic human needs.

The problems in this country are not only with the GOP, even though they are the well deserved “whipping boy” right now.

The “Reform” that this country needs so desperately is the reform of the voting electorates mind.

Voting to allow our government to maintain a constant War footing which enables them to be involved militarily in 134 countries, supporting over 800 military bases worldwide, and spending over 50% of our budget on this, is total insanity, yet 95% of the voting electorate turn a blind eye to this.

The parties of the Duopoly are led by experienced liars and thieves, to be sure.

Remaining blind to this fact doesn’t bode well for our future.


They also tell us we shouldn’t have the surgery because then we’ll be in recovery for a few days, and we might even be in some pain for a while.

We must do away with the position, President of the United States, and rename it, Administrator of Pain of the Fascist States of America.

And also in the spirit of honest labeling, the so-called “right to work” laws should actually be called the Right To Work for Less Pay and Fewer Benefits laws.


ACA has an individual mandate to purchase health insurance. Joining a union is like getting financial health insurance, and when too many people refuse to get it, the system fails, for the same reason.

By that analogy, it is a little odd that one law requires insurance and the other law prohibits requiring the insurance.


…or, we may come to our senses.

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Good article, Dave. I hope that it will be read by many of those who have been duped by the Republicans with their word-play deceptions, where “up” means “down”, “forward” means “backward” and “reform” means “regression”.


While Mr Zweifel’s long list of the ‘tax reforms’ many horrors are rightly pointed out, once again the fetal personhood amendment is NOT mentioned. It’s not mentioned in lame stream reporting either. What the actual phuck?

I heard about the fetal person and drilling only today. What does a fetus have to do with taxes? These people are insane - no wait they are sociopaths hiding behind “religion” only their religion not ours. Maybe this will increase funding from donors to planned parenthood.

I would like to see a right to die with dignity act that also allows for someone who lives in poverty to die in peace with dignity.