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Tax Revelations and Corporate Media Won't Defeat Trump

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/29/tax-revelations-and-corporate-media-wont-defeat-trump


Now, those who want to prevent another Trump victory should go all-out to show they won’t be fooled again.

Sorry to break it to you Norm, but getting fooled again is all there is in American politics.


Exactly right.
What many on the left don’t understand is Trumps ridiculously low tax payments will be cheered by his base, anything antigovernment is a positive for them. The only thing in these new tax revelations that might make a difference, is he’s not as great a businessman, as he portrays. And even that’s a big might.
Another problem for the left, is not acknowledging that Trump is not the problem, but a bad symptom of the problem.


Bill Clinton also brought us Breyer and RBG. Reagan didn’t help with not renewing the fairness doctrine. Yeah, yeah, I know, Clinton was a big corporate suck-up but the alternative to him was worse.


Spot on, Charles.


By the same token, were Boss Tweet to buck the Repug party orthodoxy (to which he did not subscribe for most of his life) and push for universal health care and cuts to the “defense” budget in his second term, it might just spell the end of the Dem party, or, better yet, push them to embrace a truly progressive agenda next time around. Not a divisive faux progressive identitarian agenda such as they’re trying to cram down our throats now, but a socioeconomically progressive one and an anti-imperialist one. As things now stand, Drumpf, as in 2016, is, on foreign policy, running to the left of the Biden, who, among other things, finds the Orange Man “soft on Venezuela.”

A plague on both their houses. Where is Bob Avakian when we need him?


Based on his writing and activism, I don’t think Norman Solomon would have the slightest problem acknowledging any and all damage done by Bill Clinton.


A Fourth Rate Estate determined to keep democracy out of the neighborhood

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I agree strongly. Norman’s not radical enough to take on Democrats effectively, but his heart’s certainly in the right (progressive) place.

That said, I think his lack of radicalism makes him a “Charlie Brown kicking the football” progressive. I totally agree we must ditch Trump–because he’s a dangerous FASCIST–but the only proper approach to Biden is NOT to “pressure” him, but to organize peaceful revolt against the whole rotten system under his administration.