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Tax Scam Not Passed Yet, But GOP Already Salivating to Destroy Anti-Poverty Programs

Tax Scam Not Passed Yet, But GOP Already Salivating to Destroy Anti-Poverty Programs

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and progressive groups are calling attention to the GOP plot to run up the deficit with its tax scam to justify devastating safety net cuts


The GOP are Un-American Fascist’s one and all. Happy Holidaze Everybody.

Well done F/F, well done indeed!

I wonder what Paul Ryan is going to do, when he Looses his US Secret Service Detail. And Pay Out Off Pocket, to Keep HIM and His Family Alive!/? Because I’m fairly curtain the Koch Brothers AREN’T going to Come to His Aid, as a Long Time Brown Noser…

I took a look at Handsoff, told them a bit about my story and referred them to my site. If you have a story about using social programs please share it. The more information the better for us all.

For decades now, the right wing in this country has supported authoritarian and corrupt governments in other countries. In those countries, all parts of the government are corrupt and often rule in total opposition to the will of the public. The media is almost always right wing and is little different than Pravda was. The oligarchies are often created through state violence and using paramilitary groups to beat people back. Well, that model has been imported, and we have been tending towards that for some time anyway. The right wing will not only do this, they’ll ruin the internet like they ruined the rest of the media, free expression and discussion of issues outside of the control of the rich and powerful and they will work to undermine voting rights and the democratic process in any way they can. They’re soulless bastards, and if people become radicalized by this all (which is already happening), they will likely use state violence to beat people back. If the Democrats cannot be reformed at the national level, and I think that is the case unless something radically changes, what in the hell do we have within this political system to actually be a good counterweight? If the Democrats can’t be reformed, and I see no evidence at all going back decades that they are up to the task or interested in fighting back against their top donors, then we shouldn’t waste out time with that party. Might make sense to vote for some Democrats, but to put all our eggs in that basket makes little sense. We should work to help the DSA continue to grow. Seems to provide much more hope than the damn Democrats. The Republicans should be an extreme and regional minority party.

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He’ll get a nice lobbying gig, or a gig at some intellectually bankrupt right wing think tank. He’ll have plenty of money to hire people to protect him from his fellow citizens. These rotten people getting elected says a lot about this political system, our society and the political opposition. We’re Easter Island or ancient Egypt, building big monuments and signs of prestige while the society collapses.

If we let them these cretins will equalize the playing field via mass death: nuclear war, climate chaos and starving the masses of people and preventing their access to healthcare. There is a better way but first we mount effective actions against them and bring the machine to a halt.



Yes, it began with the first settlers on Turtle Island who “practiced” on the First Nations People and on the African Slaves.


I heard Bernie and Elizabeth talk about the under funded veterans association and how they needed more MONEY-But not one word about the Trillion plus this country throws away on “National Defense” and out right “WAR”-
When are these politicians going to take on this ten ton elephant in the room???


I decided to respond to Bernie’s call with an online note to him:

Those that have signed on to the Republican tax cuts have no social conscience. There is no appealing to them but since you want the help of millions of us then I suggest that the only thing that may just motivate them is Gandhian, total non cooperation. The first demand is to take away their healthcare until we ALL have Improved Medicare For All; and the second demand is that their salaries be reduced to minimum wage.

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A necessary point–please send him this message.

I like this- minimum wage- after all they do not really DO anything but plot to or outrightly destroy.

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They will not touch the War budget, too much of their donations come from that industry.

Yes, what they did in central America kind of sums up what kind of people they are. Of course, the laws of the US didn’t mean a thing to them. Also, it is obvious they conspired with the Iranians to hold the hostages until after the election of 1980 - an odious and traitorous act for which the American people never held them responsible. We were looking for a return to Reagan’s City on the Hill where the clock was to be turned back 30 years. They have trashed our laws and constitution for decades. They have manipulated elections and people’s concepts of reality. No wonder they can all get behind Roy Moore. They believe they have total control and it seems that way. I hope they are in for big surprises and that the American people might come out of their slumber to demand a true democracy based on principles of fairness, human rights and due process of law.

I think I understand. Those who want to float the money to the top, sell off our national monuments and kill all programs, are off-planet aliens with no soul or empathy. I look to the failures of the party that professes to “care” but who sold out to corporate goons and are now pretending to care.

There is a special place for these greedy Wall Street ass wipes. It is called hell. I want two of mine primaried Collins and Poliquin and will work to see it happen.

I’m happy Warren and Sanders are speaking out, but they will only be heard in the left’s echo chamber.NPR wouldn’t dream of airing their opinions nor would much of the rest of MSM. Fox doesn’t even talk about the tax bill.

THANK YOU, FF!!! I’ve been bleating about what I called incipient fascism the day that the PATRIOT Act was passed and then shortly afterward, discovered this article and started warning folks of the fascist juggernaut…
I guess it’s done done its thing… is the fat lady singing?


Agreed…but a bunch of us are old geezers, too. Where do we “run” to?
I begged my kids for us to leave and that was good for a sardonic laugh by the time we factored in their own nuclear families and all their in-laws…sigh…

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