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Tax Scam Not Passed Yet, But GOP Already Salivating to Destroy Anti-Poverty Programs


THANK YOU, FF!!! I’ve been bleating about what I called incipient fascism the day that the PATRIOT Act was passed and then shortly afterward, discovered this article and started warning folks of the fascist juggernaut…
I guess it’s done done its thing… is the fat lady singing?


Agreed…but a bunch of us are old geezers, too. Where do we “run” to?
I begged my kids for us to leave and that was good for a sardonic laugh by the time we factored in their own nuclear families and all their in-laws…sigh…


Yes, but on the bright side of the tax cuts, I finally have enough money for “booze, women and movies”. “God and Guns” was costing me a lot of money.


Trump polls very high among old white people who rely on social security and Medicare for survival. And yet Ryan. Rubio and the others show no fear in talking about cutting or destroying those programs. This is hard to explain…


And you wonder why I am Debbie Downer/ Suzette Doom and Gloom! I love the way they aren’t even trying to hide the ridiculousness of ‘the deficit is out of control and so we have to cut cut cut’ anymore…
I figure in the 7 to 8 years until spouse and/or I can access Medicare and SS ( though spouse will work until he drops most likely) the overheated market will crash and Medicare and SS and other healthcare options will be bare bones and unaffordable and any savings we still have after the crash will have been used up. Our house is already worth $140,000 less than what we paid for it at the height of the housing boom(PA). We have also had to assist our kids a bit. One of our two college grad kids is working two part time jobs and is still on Medicaid( don’t major in classical history) with very serious kidney issues requiring almost yearly hospitalization for several weeks. The rest of our money, I assume, will go to save his life I assume when he is cut from the medicaid rolls.
My inlaws , turning ninety in early 2018, lived the same general life we did in the main, but with guaranteed pensions including dental and vision, wages constantly going up at 5-6% or more each year, sold their home in a real estate boom time for a ridiculously high price, retired at just the right time( early in fact) to pull their money out of the stock market at the height and on and on… and they keep saying they ‘just don’t understand’ why we are concerned for ourselves and our kids. … and apparently must think we and their grandkids are living it up with all that booze, movies and wimmin Senator Grassley speaks about. They can’t wait to see Ryan pass his bills … smh


Oh boy, won’t this make all those ungrateful workers grateful to have their measly job working for extremely low wages and not receiving any sick leave or vacation time- forget about benefits.


Thank-You plus three :slight_smile:


How far has the GOP thought this through? Destroy Safety Net, :ballot_box_with_check:︎Check - Remove
Health Care - :ballot_box_with_check:︎Check, Remove all restrictions on gun ownership, :ballot_box_with_check:︎Check. Give the majority of the people no reason to hope for a better future - ⃞ In Process.


THAT might actually be the 'death of them’:thinking::hugs::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


The GOP has become that party of the rich, by the rich and for the rich. Sorry Abe Lincoln, but your government of the people, by the people and for the people has perished. Your Republicans have evolved into the party of, by and for the rich.

We can all sit around here typing responses on our keyboards, but how many of us will actually vote in the next elections. The 2014 and 2016 elections in this country had a pathetic voter turn out and the voters that didn’t show up the most were Democrats and independents. And that earned us the experience of having a Republican controlled congress with the most horrific president in our entire history. Trump is nothing more than a rich narcissistic sociopath with a mouth running on overdrive constantly…


They kick you lightly to see if you take it lying down. If you vote for them again, they know they can get away with kicking you harder next time. Pretty soon the guy in charge of kicking you brags that he can shoot someone in Times Square, NY and not lose a supporter. What’s left out is his victim could be one of his own supporters and (if he survives) he will still vote for them.

This criticism is aimed at the Rs (and their voters,) but the Democrats seem to be at least as good at the tactic.