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'Tax the Rich!' Conference Brings Together Policy Experts and Progressive Millionaires Benefiting From #TrumpTaxScam

'Tax the Rich!' Conference Brings Together Policy Experts and Progressive Millionaires Benefiting From #TrumpTaxScam

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

"Tax the Rich. Save America. Yes, it really is that simple." So said the organizers of the first-ever "Tax the Rich!" conference, hosted by Patriotic Millionaires and a coalition of other groups in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday.


I’m happy to see Prof. Nancy MacLean’s name mentioned in the article, but would have been even happier to see a reference to her excellent “Democracy in Chains.” Together with Jane Mayer’s “Dark Money,” they lay out in detail the differences between what we’re taught in high school civics class and what actually exists. It should come as no surprise, then, that both books have been viciously attacked by the Heritage Foundation and other such self-interested Kochroaches.





Is anyone else finding the livestream blocked in the US?

Excellent books; excellent comment.

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Yes. Blocked in your country on Copyright grounds

Great Idea. Anyone think Dem ‘Leadership’ would go along with this?

Before anything resembling actual wealth redistribution is allowed to happen you would first need to get rid of the entire DC establishment and probably a good chunk of the MIC, alphabet soup agencies included.
The full extent to which the oligarchy has taken over does not appear to be widely understood.
America’s ongoing (some 200+ years and counting) class war will become a traditional war of the people ever begin fighting back.


Panelist Rep. Barbara Lee (Progressive (D) California)! Is this the same Barbara Lee that recently cast the deciding vote to bring the forever warmongering funding bill to the house floor…
Just in case it is: How the f… do you think they got rich?

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I’d say not only tax the bastardss but make it retroactive back to before the decades of tax scheming during Bush and beyond.


“ Patriotic Millionaires?” That’s a new slogan I’ve never heard before… and “ It’s so Simple!” So, its been there all this time and we never knew about this Movement or Organization behind it. Guess we are that out of the loop? Please! …Sarcasm Off!!!

Return to Eisenhower-Era PRO$PERITY?

Return to Eisenhower-Era TAX RATE$!!

IIRC, the top rate on Fat Cats in 1958 was 91% — and most of the country was doing pretty damn well.
A lot better than today, anyway . . .

Also, remove the cap on FICA taxes and the Social Security & Medicare funds would be perfectly O-K.
And now that Korporations are “people”, why aren’t they paying their FICA taxes too??


Great ideas all. Implementing them with no political will is the problem. The ‘establishment’ has many ways to keep the oligarchs in power and the monies intact. This is the problem. Even now the establishment and the corporate(MSM) press are working hard to keep Bernie or Tulsi from nomination. It will be a tough fight and we need to keep the message clear; we need drastic change. No hopey, changy, incrementalism, centrist nonsense from Obama. He screwed average Americans and gave bankers money which ended up in their offshore, bank accounts. They should have been thrown in prison forever. Enough already. Real change or else. Fill in the or else…


Right On!!!

(That’s Agnostic for AMEN!!!)


That was supposed to be IF the people, not of.
Loving this timed edit thing…

Before Reagan took office, the top rate on wealth since 1932 never dipped below 63%, and averaged much higher during the same span. When he left office, the top rate was 28%. Today it’s 37%. But that’s only half the story.

The rich found a way around the high rates by mysteriously claiming capital gains belong in a separate, - and you’ll be shocked to learn - much lower bracket (mostly in the 15 to 20% range).

This random loophole (why not tax money made on, say, Tuesdays at the lower rate?) has been the secret sauce for wealth. For example, check out Bill Gates’ annual salary when running Microsoft. How does a guy pulling in a couple hundred thousand a year accumulate tens of billions in net worth? Obviously, through stocks.

Same strategy applies to most CEO’s. By tying their salary to stock performance on those issued to them, these board members and other upper management members are not only beholden to themselves to up the stock price, but to the true bloodsuckers of our country - the mouse-clicking, mega rich ‘investor class’ collecting on bonds, dividends and stock sales. If anything, this unearned income should be taxed at a higher rate than someone who actually works for a living and contributes to productivity.

This type of article usually triggers paid actors at various libertarian and conservative organizations to respond. They’re easy to spot and easier to refute. Watch for arcane arguments on effective rates, tax shelters, percentages of GDP and other nuance to confuse you. Climate change deniers use the same tactic. If you don’t understand what they’re contending, it’s difficult to engage with them. But all you need is common sense, such as, if it didn’t matter what the rates were, why do they fight so hard against them?

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Sure we have to do our best to get Bernie in… If we fail, all of us will be deader meat than we are now… Even the idiots that refuse to believe it!

I completely agree, but think that it should be titled “Tax the Rich Corporations.” Corp’s have far more aggregate wealth than individuals. Then there’s the likely opposition from those who might object to being taxed merely because they are rich…and those who are trying to become so.

I think u mean Reagan and beyond…

There are many ways most top Congress Members became multi millionaires, 1st being the huge amounts of Bribe money, 2nd is insider trading rights they granted themselves, which for us is illegal. Add on their salaries and free Health Care and there U have it! And we keep re- electing them!

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