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Tax the Rich, Fight the Climate Crisis

Tax the Rich, Fight the Climate Crisis

Bill Bigelow

Following the 2018 midterm elections, national media missed one piece of very good news. By a margin of almost two-to-one, tens of thousands of Portland, Oregon, voters approved an imaginative clean energy initiative that offers a model for the rest of the country — at the ballot box, but also in our classrooms.

With regard to curricula it is imperative to significantly increase the science literacy in this nation. The evisceration of K-12 education in this respect has been crushing to this science/engineering educator. Watching politicians dismiss issues of global importance because they personally “are not scientists” has been revolting. The response to such claims should be nothing other than “STFU regarding the climate than you pathetically ignorant rubes.” Growing up with two advanced degreed chemists for parents makes me an anomaly to be sure, but the nation sent our representatives to the moon using the sons and daughters of “regular” folks who were educated in a well conceived system of professional development, starting at the K-12 levels. If the People don’t take back and restore the education system progress will be all but impossible. Without knowledgable agents of change, there will be none for the better.


It won’t happen, so why bother writing about it?!

Power To The People!

Taking back our country from those who would abuse their power and position to refuse the will of the majority of the population, is our right.

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Progressives have the answers, but no money. Conservatives have the money, but no answers. Does nature favor assholes?

What’s wrong with the current curriculum? The Earth is 6,000 years old. Intelligent design is a valid, scientific alternative to evolution. Climate change is a hoax. Condoms don’t work. Conversion therapy heals homosexuality. And have you heard? There’s a Flat Earth Theory? A theory! After all, if we’re gonna be honest, science, like atheism, is just another religion, so you can just believe the parts you like! Am I right?