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Tax the Rich? Most Americans Think It's a Great Idea


Tax the Rich? Most Americans Think It's a Great Idea

Julia Conley, staff writer

"Who else is tired of an economy and a tax code that benefits the wealthy and corporations while working Americans are left behind?" the national economic justice movement Tax March asked on Wednesday.

According to recent polling, the answer is "Most Americans."



Expect more crosses of gold wrapped in the American flag to be paraded throughout M$M to combat the leveling of the playing field. We have to look no further than 45 to see what inherited wealth can do to the fabric of society.



Make taxes equitable based on wealth determined from all assets.

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Tax the Rich is a no brainer! Not many average working people are happy campers this tax season due to Trumps’ new law. Many have to pay who have usually gotten refunds. Refunds received are smaller, bringing less of a much needed cash infusion to working people. On the other side, big Corps are getting refunds, even with tax breaks and announcing record profits. Great system Trump put in place.

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Is any candidate talking about taking the money and revolving doors out of politics so we can tax the rich?



Leave the tax structure alone. Stop spending a trillion dollars a year on trying to rule the planet. Who the hell gives you the right to invade countries and overthrow governments. You are not dictator to the world. You are NOT indispensable! You are NOT exceptional! And, you will find this out soon as the rest of the world rejects the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. The whole world hates you. Stay home. Trade freely with other nations. Otherwise leave them alone.



I’m shocked! Trump lied?
I say hit them at 99% and lessen it by 1% per year until it reaches 95-90%.



Your ideas make a lot of sense. And sadly you are right on about who or what will stop our intimidation of the rest of the world. BUST THE BANK.



“… the current economic system—in which the richest 0.00025 percent of the population now owns more wealth than the bottom 60 percent—is immoral.”

… and in many cases, probably ILLEGAL, as well!