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'Tax the Rich, Not the Sick!': Hundreds Storm Capitol Hill Offices to Denounce GOP Tax Bill


'Tax the Rich, Not the Sick!': Hundreds Storm Capitol Hill Offices to Denounce GOP Tax Bill

Julia Conley, staff writer

Outraged demonstrators arrested outside of Republican lawmakers' offices as House and Senate prepare #GOPTaxScam for conference committee


I can’t tell if that lady in the bottom pic is wearing a shirt or not.


Looks like she lost her breasts to cancer.


I don’t know why people are upset. The welfare state will continue and deficits will continue.
Business as usual…


And these friggin “good ole boy” tools don’t give a rats ass what they pass, as long as they get their big permanent tax break!


People will die because of this, the welfare state is being dismantled, and deficits don’t matter what so ever. What in the hell type of stupid comment is that? It’d be one thing if these changes were a net positive, but you can’t prove they are for most people, it will make things worse off and will increase inequality even more, at a time when we are among the most inequitable and corrupt societies in the world. What power are you fighting anyway? You provide cover for the powerful all the time, Mr. Orwell.


There will be blood.


I thought so too. Yikes.


He sounds like a troll or a spy!


I do have to say this however. Some progressives favor illegal immigrants ( same as Obama) over working class people( as the ivory tower types say).


I think one reason for that is because they work for less money. Even the “ivory tower” Democrats hire slave labor. There are many jobs in this country that people refuse to do…like lawn work, picking during harvest time, cleaning, etc., and support immigrants for doing menial labor. If fair wages were paid for all labor, the story might be different.


Fair wages have been paid- it’s called union, remember? If we stop the illegals, and make it unlawful for companies to hire them and really enforce them then maybe we will get somewhere. And that is a myth that Americans won’t “lower” themselves to do these jobs. I know plenty of college graduates who would take any job, and they can’t even get hired to wait tables. So, come down from the ivory tower, pay your maid a living wage, and live in the real world. Obama said the most important issue was immigration even as millions of Americans ( mostly older) lost jobs, and thousands lost their lives to suicide.Dems are only interested in illegals for themselves, and do not care about us working class people as you elites like to call us.


Hey, ivory tower head, for the record, I do know college grads who work at cleaning jobs, and yes even lawn work. It’s called earning MONEY! Anyone who hires an illegal or screams about Dreamers and does not care about working people in this country ( or the unemployed) is a hypocrite. One of the reasons the dems lost is that they ignored working people ( except for the Bern!


I even know some people ( oh my - have you fainted yet) who wash dishes and even pick crops- and they are American and some of them go to college or graduated!


A spy?! LOL.

A troll? Only if the definition of “troll” is anyone who doesn’t resonate with the echo chamber.

Is anyone here seriously worried that somehow government spending will go down under a Republican administration? It’s never happened yet. Spending and debt go up and up and up. At most, tiny amounts get re-arranged by various administrations, but it NEVER goes down nor is it EVER paid for.

You know that.

Hyperbole much?
Who do you think is going to die because you think they might not get enough of other peoples money? Be specific.


You mean, like a wall of some sort? You darn Trumpist!:slight_smile:


Excellent movie! Uncomfortable to watch, but super well made.


Hundreds, huh?

Ho hum.

What we need are hundreds of thousands. At the bare minimum. Every day. Until they stop this shit. Because they see this crap, and just chuckle. They have no intention of changing, and we have no will to force them to.

And a planned march on Washington? One and done? On a weekend, when no one is around? Again?

Because that has been so effective in the past.


1st of all, our unions are basically busted–which is a sad consequence of corporatization. 2nd, I am hoping you don’t think I’m an ivory tower person? I’m 70 and live on social security–period.

The immigration thing is complicated. I don’t think we should let our country be overrun, but then, I think we should let more immigrants in than we do. Where are these people from war torn, and environmental catastrophes supposed to go? You want to kill them all? Drown them? Starve them? What if it was your country that experienced a nuclear disaster, or a major hurricane or tornado? Wouldn’t you want other country’s to lend a hand, maybe house you for a while?

I also believe in Democratic Socialism. Everyone should be paid a fair wage–no matter who they are, and in fact I think we should drastically cut the military budget, kill the Military industrial complex, and make peace machines, not war heads and weapons of mass destruction. Then we should establish a guaranteed income for every adult. I don’t believe in walls. I do believe in employee run business with quarterly pay-outs of a percentage of profits–to the employees.

I’m also a feminist and believe there should be zero tolerance for inequality of wages or worth.


Thanks to the demonstrators from those of us who could not attend because of distance or infirmity!