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'Tax the Rich, Not the Sick!': Hundreds Storm Capitol Hill Offices to Denounce GOP Tax Bill


Very good. People came here and worked in the US because US businesses did not follow the employment/immigration laws. It is not hard to blame the people who came here especially after all the damage the US did with its wars in Central America (supporting oppressive dictators) and in destroying much of the Mexican corn crop and economy with NAFTA. I think the business community and those who would subvert the US wanted cheaper labor to undermine unions, workers rights. They also outsourced and closed so many US factories. A person without papers was the ideal employee - could be undercut on wages and had few legal rights and lived in fear.

We can and need to legalize these people through due process of law. Instead of the round ups - we could have gone into all of these workplaces and issued temporary work permits pending hearings. We need to treat all people (US citizens and others - with dignity and respect). Going forward, the employers should be the ones under legal sanction. If they violate the law - they should go to jail. We definitely do not need a border wall. The things we are doing are not the signs of a great country with respect for law and human rights. We need to get on the right track!!!


Yea, the welfare state for the military industrial complex and corporations. Where is the welfare state when we see so many americans living on the street in tents?


I find it very sad to see so many US born citizens living on the streets, struggling with homelessness, lack of good jobs and also subject to mass incarceration. This is not the fault of people who have come here without documents. Our government and business leaders have failed to provide good educations to many of the native born of the US. The have outsourced good manufacturing jobs and eliminated jobs for those with lower education. In many ways, technology has gotten rid of millions of good jobs for lower educated people. Our leaders have no problem using these people in our wars or in prison work. Globalization is a big enemy. Not the people who are here without documents. Some of them are the biggest victims. We need to aspire to greatness not the pettiness and greed which seems to dominate those who are in power and have been in power for the last 35 years.


Absolutely agree with you!


Sure, I can explain this to you. Will you thereafter ask me to explain how water is wet? They have already cut trillions in taxes that the rich and corporations pay. The people you are here providing cover for (fight the power, LOL!). In addition to the tax increases on the middle class, they have already said that healthcare programs people depend on (Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, among others) will be cut. These same assholes are already cutting vital parts of our healthcare system that the poor depend on. People will die if those programs are cut, and if you need this explained to you or deny this you should realize how ridiculous you look. By the way, we know that scores of lobbyists wrote this bill, most right wing politicians havent even bothered reading it. A recent letter they passed around that illustrated support among economists was a fraud. An actual poll among 42 economists across the ideological spectrum show that only 1 supported this and all the economists said it would increase the deficit, which I am told by the right wing is a really bad thing. This will also increase inequality at a time when inequality is already massive. There were also no hearings on this horrible bill. As someone interested in fighting the power, lol, this all should disturb you. Stop pretending to care about the people’s money too, given that these parasites have been getting bailouts from the state for decades, given that they have long been looting the Treasury, given that the Fed have been bailing them out for years now, given that they essentially write trade agreements and created the WTO, they control the BIS, and given that we allow private finance capital to crwate most money and create debt based money through the Fed and not debt free money through the Treasury. I could go on too. You don’t care about the people’s money. You are here providing cover for looting the Treasury, you a brushing aside the negative pact it will have and are blathering on about the freaking welfare state.


He is a troll and comes here often to say stupid things in defense of the rich. Probably a parasitic trust fund brat.


No doubt- at any rate- let’s write and/or call our members of congress particularly if they are dem. I just got off the phone with someone from our rep office. I told the person that the dems do not represent the “working class” ( their words) or middle America( their words. I told them that not even Obama did either.


Oh boo woo woo wah! Let me get my crying towel. I guess in the ivory tower you never knew anyone who lost a job that was outsourced to another country! You act like immigrants and other nations are the victims. What about regular people right here in the US for the last forty years? You must be in the ivory tower with your maid and butler. And who on Earth would want to move away from everybody and everything - would you want to move? So stop your crying, and yes illegal immigration IS a crime. So, please stay in your bubble one per center.


I am for Bernie- and you towerheads( ivory) have been admitting illegals for over forty years, and driving wages down for working people- plus you love to outsource. Yep, as I thought- you people favor illegals over the working people right here in the US>


Who the hell are you accusing folks on these pages of being in an ivory towers. I’m one of three kids raised by a single mother who lived on the edge of poverty my entire childhood. I’ve worked my hind end off, at one point as a maid. I’ve been lucky by virtue of my skin color, country of birth, and a good gene pool. What I want to know is what makes you so special that you think you can point your finger at me and others on these pages and judge us, simply because we hold a different opinion than you do. I favor working people everywhere over global and national corporate rule. Dividing us up by nationality so we squabble over the spoils serves your corporate masters.


Way to derail the conversation, CD commenters.

It’s about POWER, and it’s NEVER been about anything else.

If hundreds of thousands storm the Bastille, er…the Winter Castle, no, ummmmm…I mean DC, if they occupy, well, what can be done?

Tuesday. May 1. General Strike.

It’s always been about power. A strike proves that. Anyone making less than $15 an hour? You strike.

Because workers have the power. They’re just afraid of it.


Well, good- then we are on the same page about working people. What I basically was saying is that many progressives actually look DOWN on working people ( especially manual labor) because they are in the ivory tower. In fact many dems do. We already know how the rethugs feel. As far as having a good gene pool- that’s great for you. You also mentioned your skin color- we are all human- and some people come from a good gene pool but may have other issues such as LD or autism. Remember this is not about you or me- it’s about a system that has favored money and materialism over nature for many many years.