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Tax Time: How Corporations Are Cheating Schoolchildren


Tax Time: How Corporations Are Cheating Schoolchildren

Paul Buchheit

Many of the largest U.S. corporations aren't paying the state taxes that should be funding our schools. Kids are the victims. So are the average Americans who are forced to pay higher property taxes, sales taxes, and excise taxes to meet educational budgets.


Oligarchy sees the USA as prey. It isn’t patriotism that motivates but sheer greed and predation. The neonobility allows themselves the privilege to not pay taxes as has the nobility throughout the ages. Their kids go to private schools not public schools like the peasants. America is in decline everywhere you look. Like the Roman Empire at the end, they couldn’t afford the immense cost of maintaining the legions but that was because the rich did not pay taxes but the little people did.

You wonder just how long they will continue squeezing the Goose that laid the Golden Eggs…but then we all know the answer to that story already.


BRAVO! Excellent & timely Paul! The NY primary is close & its important voters know who screwed them to serve the wealthiest - bankers/Wall Street, “developers”, corporations! Dems & Reps work together to serve big-money! The Clintons, Cuomo, Silver, Skelos, & others! A rigged game to serve the rich & powerful at public expense!
How fitting that today Clinton joins Cuomo touting the NY $15 minimum wage charade - two of the best DINO’s money can buy!

Support a new day, a new deal! Support Bernie Sanders!

“Many of the largest U.S. corporations aren’t paying the state taxes that should be funding our schools. Kids are the victims. So are the average Americans who are forced to pay higher property taxes, sales taxes, and excise taxes to meet educational budgets”

State politicians as well as federal are, with very few exceptions, owned and operated as extensions of the wealth & power/influence that drives and controls them via campaign-contribution and other bribes.

NY is a prime example where income-tax rates were reduced for the wealthiest by corrupt politicians and average people forced to bear the burdens. A family making $40K paying the same 6.85% as a person making $40 million! Public education funded on property taxes, our homes, while the rich and corporations have subverted and evade fair income taxation. (see link)
The “Equity in Education Act”, sidelined “in committee” for decades by bought politicians, would fund public education on restored progressive income taxation on the wealthiest, not our homes - funded by those most able to pay, NOT the least able, not the most vulnerable!
Property tax reform proponents were sold-out - yet another evasion by Albany & Andy Cuomo - all the corrupt Reps and Dems - so-called BS “relief” rather than “reform” and the richest continue to live high while the 99% bear the costs!

Real estate “Developers” in Manhattan gain billions from corrupt politicians while NY school kids & home owners are victimized! ENOUGH!


Yep, the rich kids get the trivium, all others get the trivia.


Maybe the word trivial would be more apt than the word trivia because of the modern sense of the latter word. Nevertheless your comment elicited a chuckle here in the scriptorium.


Paul always finds the nails head with that Mighty Hammer of his, me thinks a hard copy should be sent to those that need to wake-up cuz that ain’t roses we smell, now is it?


It’s almost too much to bear…

These sickening tax giveaways when cities like Flint force kids to drink lead-laced “drinking” water.

These sickening tax giveaways creating a pretext to close schools and Head Start centers.

These sickening giveaways with money ALWAYS earmarked for more war, and more weapons, and more fossil fuel-based ecocide.

Inside my overworked brain, I get flashes of the Syrian and Yemeni refugees being rebuked from seeking safety and it reminds me of the Jews begging entrance into other nations when Hitler began his campaign of extermination. Doors shut on them, too.

I get flashes of the Brazilian mothers holding malformed infants in their arms. And while this sickening travesty is blamed on mosquitoes, it’s more likely the dark fruit of lab assistants playing god in attempts to redirect nature. Gen tech firms put sterile mosquitos into circulation and used chemicals to theoretically make water incompatible with mosquito breeding.

Nature always finds a way; but if her resources are tainted, the poisons go to work distorting natural systems and life forms.

I get flashes of the marine life going silent across the Pacific, and the deformed marine life close to the toxic (albeit now plugged) Maconda well in the Gulf of Mexico.

More flashes of all the kids maimed for life with Autism and other neurological impairments many of which are the direct product of TAINTED vaccine overloads.

Our world is being run by murderers, sociopaths, thieves, and the most twisted of souls.

There must be binding UNIVERSAL laws to thwart the actions of these maniacal forces.

A friend of mine once asked me NOT to talk about these things. She’s the center of a big family and uses her love and enthusiasm to buoy up everyone else. She also inquired, “How do you LIVE with what you know.”

That comment haunts me.

Kudos, indeed, to Mr. Buchheit for exposing the dark heart of corporate malfeasance. “Dark Money” by Jane Mayer explains the logistics of how it came to be that a handful of billionaires gamed the system, gained possession of the National Dialog, and then used lobbyists to fulfill the rest of their diabolical agenda.

Today’s article by Mary Bottari adds yet another layer in how the U.S. Chambers of Commerce reinforce the Old Deal–as promulgated by the likes of the Koch Brothers and their partners in corporate crimes against humanity. (By “Old Deal” I’m speaking to the AGES of aristocratic rule over the lowly multitudes.)


Another aspect of taxation benefiting the wealthy & corporations - another stark contrast between Clinton & Sanders - financial taxes - or lack of them. Bernie Sanders proposes modest (very) taxation on financial transactions to fund Universal National Health Care (and education), Clinton evades & dissembles, giving big-buck Goldman speeches she refuses to release! A smoking gun!

“Sanders’ proposals have been attacked by supporters of Hillary Clinton, especially Paul Krugman and “Gang of Four” - The irony is Sanders’ proposals were once Democratic Party positions and programs—positions that have been abandoned by the Democratic Party and its mouthpiece economists since the 1980s as that party has morphed into a wing of the neoliberal agenda.”

“A European study a few years ago involving just 11 countries, whose collective economies are about two-thirds the size of the US economy, concluded that a miniscule financial tax of 0.1% on stocks and bonds plus a virtually negligible 0.01% tax on derivatives results in an annual tax revenue of $47 billion. In an equivalent size US economy one third larger that would be abouit $70 billion in revenue a year.”

"A 10% ‘sales tax’ on stock and bond buying and a 1% tax on derivatives tax yields $7 trillion in tax revenue "!

US financial parasite transactions would thus fund far more than Universal Health Care and Education! Imagine what could be accomplished for the Common Good!

Currently, "health insurance companies and other ‘middlemen’, who don’t deliver one iota of health care services - skim off $1.2 trillion a year in profits that average returns of 20% a year and more. They are economic parasites"!!



"A friend of mine once asked me NOT to talk about these things. She’s the center of a big family and uses her love and enthusiasm to buoy up everyone else. She also inquired, “How do you LIVE with what you know.”

That comment haunts me."

Me, too. I get like quotes from many of my friends. Nothing new, as I have been getting them from people since at least my days as a pilot in the USAF toward the latter years of Vietnam. Living through all the assainations of prominent people, the wars, the racial biogtry, the environmental battles, the rich and powerful escaping prosecution…


The thing is, if people REALLY understood what’s happening at Fukushima; and REALLY took stock of the levels of collapse already impacting the natural world; and looked at LIVE footage of the thousands struggling to get out of numerous destroyed lands (Syria, Iraq and Yemen, chief among them); and were apprised of the gargantuan greed that Wall Street’s temples are built upon with NOTHING backing their bad bets up… I don’t think most COULD live with that knowledge.

When I was a kid, “Life Magazine” would have periodic cover stories about things like floods or tornado outbreaks. These were rare… typically, one major event a decade. Now, they’re about once a month or so.

When a story passes out of the news cycle, the ILLUSION is created that it’s taken care of. People are not thinking about those deformed babies in Brazil, or the kids whose I.Q. levels have been permanently undermined by lead in their drinking water, or the Japanese kids being exposed to LOTS of radiation on a daily basis.

It must have SEEMED like the End of the world during bombing raids over much of Europe during World War II; and it probably felt like the End of the world to the Deep South just prior to the conclusion of the Civil War. There’s been no shortage of calamities befalling too many human beings.

The difference now is that the natural world–which we rely upon–is truly coming apart. And THAT, apart from fossil records of prior extinctions (along with Indigenous folklore indicating likewise) is unique to persons currently seeking to live out natural lifespans.


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A neoliberal education


It is extremely depressing and getting more depressing every day, especially knowing how the so=called “media” works for the corporations and uber rich while pretending to be a public service of information for the people, yeah right…you got that Maddow, Hayes, Anderson, Blitzer, Cuomo, and Holt, and whatever other jerks are on the major networks…


Indeed, siouxrose1…I no longer watch major “media” it physically sickens me…have they moved on from the Zika virus? no doubt, and no doubt have moved on from Flint, Michigan …all they cover is what they think will get ratings (advertising revenues)…when I was a litle girl I used to get sick when the news came on, and that was with Huntley & Brinkley and Cronkite…so you can imagine how sick I get now.


Diane Sawyer is another one…is that lame brain still on the air?


First of all, I don’t watch TV.

But I do peruse the Internet and I don’t think turning off TV or pretending these things aren’t happening are remedies.

The point is–the TRUTH is inordinately painful these days. And I think that’s why so many people self-medicate with food (there IS an obesity epidemic in the U.S.); and so many take either big pharma’s mood-altering anti-depressants or some form of street variety. Alcoholism is VASTLY under-rated in the U.S., and according to Louise Hay (author of: “You Can Heal Your Life”) Diabetes is partly related to (as in the result of) long held sorrow… “a loss of sweetness in life.”

With so many struggling against the oligarchic tide that’s sent such vast sums to the tippy top of the financial pyramid so that a great many people are left to fight for crumbs just to survive, that missing sweetness IS pervasive.