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Taxes and the End of the Nuclear Age


Taxes and the End of the Nuclear Age

Robert Dodge

Following the arrival of spring each year, our nation renews its commitment to our priorities on Tax Day, April 15th from education to health care,infrastructure and national defense.


“From the beginnings of our nuclear programs in 1940 we have spent in excess of $6 trillion dollars on them. This Tax Day we will spend ~56.3 billion more on these same programs. From Ventura County, California at $177 million to Los Angeles Counties expenditure of $1.785 billion to our nation’s capitol at $107 billion these are monies that we can ill afford to spend. The squandering of these dollars while continuing to inadequately fund national programs on infrastructure, education, health care and the environment speaks to who we are as a nation. No one would argue against spending the entirety of these monies to secure, dismantle and clean up the existing environmental legacy of these weapons. Thereafter these monies could be more appropriately reallocated to programs that benefit all.”

While it is glaringly apparent that this waste is a homage to Mars, god of war and hardly serves sane or humane citizens in any remote way, I do take issue with the use of the WE frame in asserting that it’s one homogenous population pool representative of our nation in its entirety that is behind these diabolical policy priorities.

This is direct PROOF that the MIC is in control along with war profiteers and banksters who make a killing on war and other Disastrous Deadly Capitalistic exploits.