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Taxes, Roads, and Bridges


Taxes, Roads, and Bridges

Christopher Brauchli

You can’t use tact with a Congressman! A Congressman is a hog! You must take a stick and hit him on the snout.

— Quoted by Henry Adams, The Education of Henry Adams


Lobbyists know where to take aim.

Corrections Corps. of America finds congress critters in need of campaign funding and through funding them, find by miracle, new calls to build prisons in said congress critters' states.

The nuclear power industry, Big Coal, Big Frack, and Big Oil--not to mention Big Carcenogenic "food," Monsanto--all have reliable "lawmakers" they know how to hustle.

No doubt Grassley is getting mega-funds from those outfits that do such a piss poor privatization job with IRS tax collecting.

It's not that the guy doesn't get it, it's that his funding depends on greasing the skids for his legalized bribe-masters.


That's for sure. This sure looks like a sweet deal for everybody except the taxpayers. Privatize everything and as always privatizing some government function usually ends up costing far more than when the government ran it.

This one sure seems like a 'Deep Pockets" program beloved by congressmen and their lobbyists.


I appreciate Common Dreams, but it is singing to the choir. Where is our media, journalists, reporters, crime reporters, protectors of the public interests. Are the airways still in public ownership? or like all leases of public ownership valueless to we the people.

Where are we the people demanding these people work for us. We are uninformed because of Citizens United and all radio/television/cable owned in the hands of the few along with the banksters who support this.

Who is our FDR who can take back our government from these gangsters? What will these gangsters do to protect their interest and fight to death to keep their riches? Do they own our military industrial complex? Again, preaching to the choir.


Ralph Nader, in my view, is one of the most respected--in EARNED wisdom--elders on our planet today. And he's spoken about this very thing a few years ago. I can't recall if it was under Bush or Obama when funding for the IRS was being decimated. Nader argued that if the IRS did its job in going after the BIG money hiders it would generate much more than its own operating expenses. He pointed out that too often IRS officials went after people who make less than $30,000 a year.

Most who read this site know that enormous sums are hidden off-shore and through legal agreements that pretend that U.S. based corporations are "really" subsidiaries of such industrial Meccas as the Cayman Islands. (I've been there. The major town consists of 2 streets. There might be 2 actual banks. The rest is just bogus addresses of virtual banks!) Pursuing that arena of tax fraud would generate tons of money.

The whole system these days (and the Piketty Study proves its engineered results) is for the world's workers to labor FOR the rich.

About 9 years ago I watched a commercial where some rich guy was sitting by a swimming pool. A paper in his lap blew in and a cirque de soleil-style employee literally did a backflip to retrieve it.

The message was that service was aimed at pleasing the every whim of the rich. THAT is the entire direction of our world under corporate feudalism.


One of these PCAs harassed my girlfriend and her daughter to tears when no taxes were due. And thank you for quoting Henry Adams; his "Education" is cited by Gore Vidal as the best book of early USA history.


Flatulence Prolongo Profundo ought to be a U.S. political candidate. Imagine all the fun when he's called into the debate ring!


That is the entire direction of our world under global capitalism.


Rereading the domestic record of Reagan and looking at the gutting of agency funding, runaway addictive dependency on a failed set of metrics calling for unending growth, Greenspan saying he was wrong ... none of the 'players' pay attention to the admonition 'when you find you're in hole, the first thing you want to do is stop digging'.

Daily Kos Dec 2014

(...) After their successful 1990s crusade to defang the Internal Revenue Service, the GOP is once again slashing its budget, demonizing its employees and even questioning the legitimacy of its mission. With its funding cut by Congress for five years in a row, the agency now has 10 percent fewer agents and officers than five years ago and fewer agents auditing returns than at any time since at least the 1980s. Even as congressional Republicans have blocked Obama administration efforts to end "inversions" that enable American corporations to move overseas to avoid paying taxes, the Government Accountability Office reported an epidemic of tax dodging by small businesses. The result is that the tax gap has mushroomed to an estimated $500 billion from $195 billion in 1998. To put that in context, that's roughly equal to the entire projected federal budget deficit for the past year. (...)


Even if everything is privatized it will still require tax money to support it...Only now after the profits are deducted to the coffers of the corporation nothing but bland service will be offered.


At some point it will be proposed that democracy itself be privatized! How about privatizing everything say our corporate elites. Corporations have become the real welfare queens and expert at ripping off the government. The conservatives say they want to reduce government - down to where they can flush it down the drain - but what they really mean is to grab a bigger and bigger slice of the taxpayer funded pie.

Rather than fix the problem they pretend privatization will fix it. Why is it that they can have more money (not needing to show a profit for example) yet somehow a corporation can do the same job and make a profit too? Meanwhile like with Halliburton/KBR, it isn't cheaper.


Under Bush/Cheney it was announced that the IRS would pursue a too big to audit view (they didn't call it that) and instead focus more on the little guys since the big corporations tie up too much of the IRS budget in court and accounting investigations.


The GOP scum are defunding the IRS administration so that it can't do its job. Then they point at the IRS and say, "See, see, government doesn't work, ha, ha haaaaa!!!!" The GOP has done the same to Social Security, defunding its administration, the public employees that make SS work. The GOP hates government, especially when it works for ordinary working class Americans. The GOPers want to defund and cripple government so that they can take the axe to SS, Medicare, Medicaid, the ACA and any other social programs that help the 99%.