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Taxing Bill Gates $100 Billion, Counters Bernie Sanders, Could End Homelessness and Microsoft Founder 'Would Still Be a Multibillionaire'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/07/taxing-bill-gates-100-billion-counters-bernie-sanders-could-end-homelessness-and

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So Gates paid $10 billion in taxes on $106 billion? That’s a tax rate just under 10%. What is the average American’s tax bracket? I agree with AOC that we should go back to a 70% effective tax rate for multi millionaires and above. Go get 'em Bernie!


Warren’s response indicates that for her money still talks. Why does she offer to sit down with Gates, this arrogant, entitled shmuck. Does Warren think he is better than us “regular” people.


Of course its not too much to ask for Gates to pay $100 billion. I’d go much father and assert that there should be a maximum wealth limit.

Unfortunately, on top of being a capitalist to her bones, Warren is making it clear to Billionaires that she supports policies that ensure that they retain the vast majority of their wealth.


Billionaires should not exist.

We need to go back to Eisenhower’s top marginal tax rate of about 90% .

To hell with these greedy sociopathic creatures.


I don’t know who first said it, but it applies here: “If you don’t have a seat at the table, you’re on the menu.”


" Taxing Bill Gates $100 Billion, Counters Bernie Sanders, Could End Homelessness and Microsoft Founder ‘Would Still Be a Multibillionaire’"

This brings up a good point. The $100B would either end homelessness or partially pay for this year’s Medicare For All. Any plans for next year, or the one after?

She may want to sit with gates to tell him don’t worry “Nothing will fundamentally change” now how about a “donation”


Bingo. Bernie never offers special one-on-one meetings to pearl-clutching billionaires. Compare:

“Elizabeth Warren Would Be ‘Happy’ to Sit Down with Billionaire Bill Gates and Explain Her Wealth Tax” (headline, today’s Business Insider).


You’re going to be on the billionaires’ menu, or at least on their hit list, if you challenge wealth hyper-inequity in a serious way, whether you “sit down” at a table with them or not; special one-on-one meetings to soothe their feelings won’t change that. Unless, of course, you’re there to convince them that you’re not really coming after their money. Warren’s offer is grotesque because it reveals her deep assumption that billionaires are entitled, one way or another, to special attention. That’s what you get with “capitalist to my bones.”


Warren will not fight for the masses. When will her supporters realize that fact. Warren wants to change the rules. Bernie wants change the system. Bernie/Nina2020


No not better but much richer!


“Any plans for next year, or the one after?” Of course: the plans for ongoing funding are on Bernie’s website. As you probably already understand, he was not proposing to completely fund Medicare for All with Gates’ personal wealth, but was offering an illustration of scale.


So gates “is willing to pay 20 billion in taxes”. Wow, do any of us get to tell the Government how much we are willing to pay.? What a special guy.


Warren is a sellout. I wouldn’t be surprised to find she was planted by the DNC to run against Bernie. If she wins, she’ll likely go back to centrist as usual.
Will she invite me for coffee and a chat to help me in case I get sick and can’t afford to pay my hospital bill? I doubt it.
If she really cared about progressive issues, she’d get out of the race, endorse Bernie, and help him defeat the orange buttwipe.


The same could be achieved by not funding wars or useless space exploration.


There are many ways to pay for single payer in a revenue neutral way. You could do some of the research, but there is no point of anyone linking sources you could find yourself. You don’t come here in good faith and you often ask questions you could answer yourself if you were just interested in understanding issues. But, as I have told you before, you don’t need to tax anyone at the federal level to pay for single payer or anything else. So, the plan would be to elect people to office that will do the fucking thing, and they fund it by deciding to fund it. It isn’t complicated. If you are asking how to fund single payer, maybe do enough research so that you at least understand we aren’t relying on Gates’ savings account to fund a national healthcare system.

On Warren, her defenders might want to argue that her comment is benign, but it isn’t. Anyone serious about structural changes needs a radical inclination that she clearly lacks. She will not fully confront Manchin, who she did a “spirited defense” of on TYT a few months ago. She will not go to his state and put pressure on him, or do too much to anger donors, some of whom were giving her lots of money just a few months ago. No structural change will happen without mass movements and without challenging the interests she will need to challenge. And any economic system that allows someone like Bezos to make massive amounts of money simply because of his already existing wealth and power, and because of the particular ways we have designed laws and institutions in this rotten economic system shows how fundamentally flawed the entire system is. You cannot regulate this system to being much better than it is. We have NAFTA, the WTO and the like because that is what is needed to keep the thing going. We have financialization and massive state bailouts because that it is what is needed to keep a system going that relies as much as capitalism does on private financial investment and private money creation. A good portion of private money creation happens in the shadow banking system, and nothing Warren has done in the past as far as regulating financial capital touches shadow banking. Fact is, it poses a systematic threat the system, and it is needed by financial capital to function in this broken system. So regulate away Warren.


People such as Gates are mentally ill with their love of money, power and status.
This greedy bastard has so much money that he doesn’t even know how much he has.
Who needs even a billion dollars, Gates?
Bezos, the Mercers, Koch, and all the rest of the world-ruling wealth elites are similarly mentally ill in the lust for more and more cash.
“The love of money is the root of all kinds of evil.”


Warren’s response was very wrong and it is very disappointing. I believe we are actually dealing with what amounts to a cult of billionaire worship at the moment. Noone calls out Gates for anything! for his illegal business practices for example. He was sued in the EU and was about to be sued in the US when GWBush came along and poof!went the lawsuits.
Gates is not even a smart man, he is cunning though but not!an intellectual. All his best ideas, came from someone else. Thats why he always makes such a big deal about what he allegedly “reads”. I mean, gee guys why do suppose only ONE OS came into being, surely there must have been other, better systems?There were. But Gates used unfair business practices to CRUSH the competition, just as Zuckerhead has done with FB[as it is now finally, coming to light].
In a regulated market, Gates would not be the billionaire he is, thats a fact. Not to mention other facts, like his Gates Foundation…what are they really up to?Trying to privatize schools, big supporter of charter schools…and oh yeah…privatizing SEEDS in Africa!FFS.Protests against that never even made the msm news.There were lots of reports of prostitutes brought in to Microsoft conventions too, and oh yeah there is even…the deep, dark…Epstein connection. EW.
Smarmy guy. He uses philanthropy as a marketing tool for his PR machine and so many, seemingly intelligent folks fall for it. Gates is not a smart person or even a kind and good person. Which is why like Bezos, Branson[king of the privateers!]and Zuckerhead, I believe we are living in a time where with msm’s help, there is an actual Cult of Billionaire Worship. How else to explain the lack of critique and Reason in dealing with these cretins?They give TED talks and are treated like rock stars.
These creatures have huge, false, personas manufactured for public consumption.But, like the monopolies they represent?They should be exposed for the phoney creeps they are, and their monopolies should be broken up and taken apart. This was not a rational move by Warren. One cannot negotiate with these shameless hoarders of wealth, just ask the workers at Walmart whether the Waltons feel bad about taking in one hundred millions dollars a day, while their workers use food stamps to survive.
One does NOT negotiate, one tells them what the tax rates will be. Point fini! as the French would say. She should know that. I am disappointed but not surprised.


It could work if the public made the tax laws instead of politicians.

But politicians are so much smarter than the public!

If that’s what you think, then homelessness, inequality and polluted drinking water are all your fault.

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