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Taxing the Wealthy to Pay for Universal Home Care


Taxing the Wealthy to Pay for Universal Home Care

Sarah Anderson

Activists in Maine are mobilizing to a path-breaking proposal on the 2018 ballot that would fund in-home services for the states elderly and disabled.

Ai-jen Poo, National Domestic Workers Alliance and the Caring Across Generations campaign: "The Maine campaign for universal in-home care could be the next big thing in the care movement. It could be a blueprint for the nation."


This is a great plan that actually saves money, it would cost twice the amount to stay in a longterm care facility, net savings $50,000 annually. And still less expensive than a one bedroom assisted living plan.


Maine is the only state in New England (and the entire Northeast) with median income below the national average. The top 1% earn two-thirds the average 1%. Maine ranks 41 in rate of economic growth.

This will simply help confirm Maine’s role as the basket case of New England, that lives and dies on the tourist trade.


Sounds like an interesting plan. How will it be paid for- I imagine that taxes alone cannot support a states’ livlihood. One has to have jobs.


I have heard that- after all the license plate I think says vacationland! I wanted to take this furthur. I think we need a national right to die law. It cannot be much fun for someone who is elderly for instance and can no longer communicate , or take care of even basic bodily needs. Sometimes the medical industry makes our through nursing homes and drugs by keeping people alive even when they or the families feel that it is time to go with dignity.


I’ve heard that Maine lobsters are delicious. Seriously Maine’s idea deserves serious attention. A few years back I had to stay in a nursing home for 10 days, for a regimented treatment, and I swore when I went home I’d eat my gun before I’d ever stay in one for long term care. Really that place was THE most depressing place I’d ever been, the food was terrible and I had a roommate directly from hell, yikes, the most vile person I ever met! Home care is the way to go to live out ones days, if not I can always eat my gun.


Or as I’ve said I can eat my gun, illegal, but gets the job of dying done though I’d rather eat a bunch of morphine. I hear its quit pleasant an less messy than a gun.


Yeah, I hear you. Sorry you had to spend time in a nursing home even if it was short term. I seriously still think we need a right to die law. The right to lifers theocrats do not want that though. They would rather see war, more babies ( even if it means that they starve), and a long and painful death for the elderly. Keep petitioning for this. Also, suicide rates for old people are off the charts. The MSM does not want to report that.


You’re right about home- that’s why people have long term care insurance.


Where is the idea that FAMILIES take care of their own elders, at home??? If elders and their families are handed $50,000 by the state annually, regardless of family resources … Then taxpayers are going to take over families’ responsibilities. Honestly, why is there no expectation that families are RESPONSIBLE to see their elders through and that instead it is the state’s job!!! Nursing homes should only be needed by those with no family! In other words, if family CAN, then family SHOULD MUST! It is disgusting not to personally care for one’s parents. Hold the vacations and nights and weekends off for a little while, folks, and be human.


It is a general plan but it could work because the cost of long term care which is a medical model is very expensive and it is something most people will have to consider as they age. There is untapped wealth that does nothing to support communities and it could be put to better use through taxes. Medicare has been starved of resources without tax increases for nearly 30 years. This would address that gap. Not to mention a better level of care for less money.


Maybe look for an alternative plan for Olhippyies. You have to be creative.


I understand what you are saying. However, it is sometimes easier said than done- for instance if someone let’s say works full time- then who will be home for the elder ? If there is no other family - then what does someone do? Also, some elders might not have the finances or plans available so that someone else has to take on that responsibility. There are some people who quit their jobs to take care of elders then find that they are unemployable if there is too much time invested. Some people have even been fired for taking time off in order to take family to a doctor. Years ago , I knew someone who was fired after working at a place for years. And this was after the family leave act passed. The family leave is also unpaid which means people only have a certain amount of sick time available. Your thoughts sound good but unfortunately this is not the 1920s or 1950s when if someone was in the middle class then a family could survive on one income and the other member could stay home and take care of kids or an elder. I understand that in certain countries in Europe people can get a subsidy so that they can temporarily take time off of work and help their families including elders.


Sometimes elders are too ill to remain at home or in a family home, and might need to be in a facility where they can receive constant medical care. Even families need help even when they are in the medical field.


I like that one. Hey, please see the savegaea post about how families have to be responsible. Good point, and families are responsible so much so that some boomers are in a sandwich generation. Also, family members are not necessarily in the medical field and still need help!


Long term care insurance is very expensive, and often out of reach cost wise for most people.


I think in your hysteria you missed part of the point that the proposal might actually alleviate at least some of the need for nursing homes even for those without families or if the families are far away, what ever. The cost of long term care insurance which helps to defer the cost of having care at home is often out of reach for a lot of people and their families. It sounds like this is a proposal to possibly help with that. There is no doubt that we have a large aging population . Sometimes family members actually get sicker than the elders when they do caretaking due to stress, limited finances etc. My other post defined some of this. Also, what if there is only one family member , etc? What if the elder needs supervision 24/7 etc? This is much more complicated than just mere emotions or scolding. What if the elder has no financial means and medicaid picks up part of the tab( yes, that is funded through the taxpayers. Are you now going to scoff also about medicare because you might be angry that medicare paid for some services instead of the family paying out of pocket and possibly losing their home? Have you had aging parents yourself - little different when you have been through it. Not everyone is the same.


This is to actually HELP families at home- or did you miss the point then go off to another direction about nursing homes. Also, unless you live in Maine ( I do not) then why are you so angry?


Finally, couldn’t resist this: You must be one of the wealthy that this post talks about. Hatcha!


It is very expensive. And, private pay is also and the care is not much better in relative terms. Starting at about $ 4,000 a month for half a room. There will always be some that need that type of care but many could live at home.