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Taxing Wealth to Make Public College Free Again

Taxing Wealth to Make Public College Free Again

Chuck Collins

Angad Singh Bhalla holds his son, Nanak, in his arms while juggling phone calls at all hours of the day. He is the coordinator of newly formed California College for All campaign. A filmmaker and labor activist, Bhalla has jumped into this campaign with gusto.

For Bhalla, this is more than a movement to make college more accessible. “I was inspired by thousands of young people that turned out for the Sanders campaign. I’ve been involved in other campaigns before but I’d never seen anything like it.”

It was in today’s paper that they are going to increase the tuition at the University of Oregon again.
As a former California citizen, I remember the days before Reagan became Gov. , tuition at the University of California was tuition free.
I suppose that under a Fascist government, it is not in their interest to have an educated population. Education, as most things today is simply a way to make a profit.


Mark Twain is attributed to say “I never let my schooling get in the way of my education.” What a great saying. I was trained very well in school. Educated–not so much.

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Sadly, sometimes with enough pressure the people can score a victory or two. But the oligarchy knows that eventually it will dilute and overrule initiatives with political bribes and threats. It would never tax itself to pay for public college or healthcare. Instead it will shift the budget around so that the public ends up paying for it indirectly.

Direct Democracy

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What they want to do is train you to think a certain way.


I want to see this, but in my mind single payer healthcare for all is more pressing at this time.

I agree, but campaigns like this one are necessary to convince ordinary people that 1) taxes are generally not used for their benefit; and 2) they can actually change that.

It’s unfortunate the CD gives so little space to writing about independent organizing like this, and so much space to Twitter rants against Trump and wishful-thinking articles about what Democrats should do.


Financial assets could and should be taxed directly. If we taxed “wealth” in the form of financial assets, at the same rate we tax real estate through the property tax that goes to state and local governments, we could add $1.1 trillion to the federal government. The Tax Policy Center reported that $458 billion in real estate taxes were collected in 2016. Financial assets are greater by a factor of 2.3. 70% of wealth is comprised of financial assets, 30% are real estate or “tangible assets”. Search the FRB Flow of Funds, Table 101.B. Total wealth has doubled since January 2009, according to the Flow of Funds. $400,000 per adult is the national average wealth. The society should run the economy, not the opposite. Money is a social resource, controllable by society. Sounds radical. The system we now have is radical, and wrong. My blog: http://benL8.blogspot.com – tax wealth in the form of paper assets. It’s only paper, and it should be put to social benefit.

I was a working class kid who benefited from tuition free public higher education in the 1950s including at the Univ of California and I believe the country did too from that policy, it was a time of increasing prosperity for average Americans. Since then our upper class has turned its back on this concept, leaving many students with great debt or having to give up on an education. And while I wouldn’t have out all the emphasis on estate taxes, I wish the organizers well on this so others can benefit as I did.