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Taxpayer Subsidies for Fossil Fuels on a Warming Planet in One Word: 'Absurd'


Taxpayer Subsidies for Fossil Fuels on a Warming Planet in One Word: 'Absurd'

Jon Queally, staff writer


The managers, executives and shareholders of corporations should be held personally responsible for all the criminal fraud etc. of corporations now that corporations have human rights and court protection while it uses it’s profits to buy and sell politicians, legislation and play the extortion game with states to get subsidies.


One of the things in the article that baffle s me is how the polls can be bought for so cheap. I suppose the "donation " is just the tip of the iceberg ,as rewards for said polls after having their position bought for them is large.


Breaking news! Fossil fuel companies dictate government policies! Taxes on the poor and the middle class trickle up to large multi-national corporations at the expense of the public inerest!
Wow! Who would have thunk?


My friend, I live in Pennsylvania and some years ago, in the eighties, there was a congressman in neighboring New Jersey who was convicted of corruption, I can’t remember his name but when all was said and done the bribes consisted of a bunch of nicely tailored Italian suits and great tickets to sports events. Things have changed some, I know, but I doubt that the $ figures deposited in numbered accounts in the National Bank of Cayman or wherever don’t really amount to much more than that, maybe some tens of thousands, maybe a little more. Either way, they come pretty cheap plus they get to hang out with the cooool guys. What did Hannah Arendt say, “the banality of evil”. So sad.


Subsidizing the fossil fuel industry has always been inappropriate in a capitalist economy and not just because of impending climate change caused by its use.


John Queally here is a lead to another story maybe you could look into. The same “Jobs Ohio” chimera is the Governor’s front for the State’s involvement in a proposed ethane cracking plant just down the river from here in Shadyside, Ohio. News of a forthcoming final selection of this site to be followed by immediate design work was announced several weeks ago. The two principal firms in this project are PTT of Thailand and Marubeni of Tokyo.

PTT is 2/3 owned by Thai government, is very diversified, and has several energy branches, had its share of environmental difficulties, but is rather tame compared to Marubeni.

Marubeni, according to the Wikipedia entry, was convicted in '76 onward in the Japanese bribery scheme “All Nippon Airlines,” where many prominent businessmen and politicians were shamed, lost their careers, and some committed suicide. Prime Minister Tanaka was arrested. Marubeni also around that time was convicted in a bribery labor scam of the Ferdinand Marcos regime.

Marubeni was also indicted and ruled against by the Foreign Corrupt Businesses Activities mechanism (US) in both 2012 and 2014 in separate but similar cases. These cases involve a motley assortment of industrialists, disaster capitalists, and corrupt governments: Lockheed, KBR, Marcos, just to cite a few. I’ve assembled a few documents and links, but the information was easily found online. The FCBA documents are found on Justice Department pages. Both recent bribery schemes involved energy and/or petro-chemical plants similar to the Shadyside proposal. I forwarded those results to The Wheeling Intelligencer one of the original sources of reporting here, and little has been in the news here since that announcement.


Better to be RICH and guilty than POOR and innocent


If you want to see a feral animal foaming at the mouth and baring its big yellow fangs, just threaten to take undeserved public money away from a rich corporation or a member of the 1%. Then you get to see their true colors. Those people are predators of the worst kind…and we all know what predators do to their prey, and how the victim looks when they are done with it.


I like your analogy. It seems to be fashionable to use zombie apocalypse and vampire themes when discussing national and international politics, which definitely adds a certain zest to the discussion. Thanks for your comments, you are probably correct.


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I understand that in Britain use of the internet for assorted reasons is requiring the power from three nuclear power stations.If this is true, then we need to think a lot more carefully about what we need power for. When one does this, one realises just how utterly wasteful WE are and perhaps switching off the light is not just the irrelevance that is seems.

Electricity can be stored by pumping water uphill and excess electricity could be used for cracking water to produce hydrogen The wind/solar issue is as you say, awkward, but if we were to waste less energy…?

I thought Germany was expanding its use of brown coal (lignite) not using trees in other countries, to meet the shortfall from shutting down nuclear power p;lants.


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