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Taxpayers Are Subsidizing Hush Money For Sexual Harassment And Assault


Taxpayers Are Subsidizing Hush Money For Sexual Harassment And Assault

Peter J. Henning

The payments associated with sexual harrasment settlements can be treated as a tax-deductible business expenses.


I have always thought it a damning admission: mass torts like environmental pollution, or toxic substances mixed in with supposed medicines, are claimed as ORDINARY AND NECESSARY business expenses?

What does this say about the fundamental nature of capitalism?


“Greed is good.” --Gordon Gekko, Wall Street


Sexual harassment, the world’s second oldest profession, rears it’s ugly head in so many ways it makes me want to spit. The rich and powerful get away with it, either by bribes, threats to careers, intimidation, retaliation to those that tell HR, and many, many others. The only difference these days is that there’s more reporting of the abuse, transparency is everything, along with public shaming or as in the case of Netflix, boycotts; it’s amazing how powerful the withholding of the almighty dollar can be. Again the tax structure favors the rich and powerful and to hell with the poor victims. The capitalist system is corrupted, and always has, the workplace is toxic for females in many professions, and on the street too for that matter. All I can say is call it out for what it is, report it if possible, and keep at it. I’ve been reading a lot of essays from women of all stripes and it is very slowly improving and that’s good. Still though there’s a long way to go. I do hope things improve, I have a real soft spot for the abused and marginalized.


Speaks volumes about the greed factor. Makes me ill, really ill. Capitalism sucks for the lower 50% especially, like me at around 25%, if that.