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Teach Your Children Well

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/09/26/teach-your-children-well-0


Pity she didn’t care about Palestinian women or children, or about the ongoing Crime against Peace and the endless Crimes Against Humanity the Zionists have been committing since 1946 (before that they were just ordinary murders, bombings, etc.).

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I am aware of many of RBG’s shortcomings re: the Palestinian people, indigenous people, and even in her own practice, where among the many interns and assistants who paid homage to her last week, there were virtually no Black faces. But I’m not commenting to discuss those. She obviously was a champion in many cases, and the outpouring of reverence and grief is deserved. However, the images accompanying this article of very children decked out in lace collars and RBG t-shirts holding their copies of “I Dissent” turns my stomach, quite frankly. It’s not the presence of young children – I consider that an important civics lesson – but the performative nature of it. Dressing young children up and parading them about – whether the gear is MAGA or RBG – is grotesque and inappropriate. (Also a lot of that RBG gear is being sold strictly to line the pockets of the sellers. Yay Capitalism.) Yes, teach your children well, but don’t use them as props for your photo op.


Well said. Brava!

People express their grief in different ways. Honor given if you value something that you consider important. For children, it is an exploration.

Well said, Abby.