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Teachers Deserve a Raise. Here’s How to Fund It.

Teachers Deserve a Raise. Here’s How to Fund It.

Negin Owliaei

Teachers are ready to revolt.

That’s the message we should take away from West Virginia, where educators in every county went on strike recently. The teachers secured a major victory, including a 5 percent raise for state employees.

The win couldn’t be more well-deserved. Teachers across the country are on the front lines of some of the most pressing national battles, from the opioid crisis to school shootings.

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Yet the people of West Virginia elect a coal billionaire as their governor.
As the murder rate continues to climb, as medical costs become impossible to bear except for the wealthiest people in the country and as the nation starts to approach a half a million dollars of debt just to get a post secondary education for one student, Americans will continue to elect the same politicians who have accelerated the demise of the middle calls and working families from coast to coast.
Our sane citizens need to get the message across to the rest of the population that Republicans (and most Democrats) represent all that is evil in America today! Say “NO” to corporate politicians!