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Teachers Say No Freaking Way to AFT Endorsement of Hillary Clinton

Teachers Say No Freaking Way to AFT Endorsement of Hillary Clinton

Candi Peterson

On Saturday, July 11th - the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) President, Randi Weingarten came under fire after her executive council voted overwhelmingly to endorse Hillary Clinton for the democratic primary for President of the United States. AFT is the parent organization of Washington Teachers' Union, Local 6 and has 1.5 million members.


A Clinton NAFTA for education? From a “product” (note operative word used) of public schools?
Indeed the Clinton ‘commodity’ cards though not laid out by her, but rather by investigative journalists, are increasingly on the table for all to see.
Just as NAFTA served to tear entire economic sectors away from any sort of healthy bases, the commodification of education privatization tears education away from community bases and the dynamics of empowering integrity.


Well, another new low.

Yes, unions negotiate; yes, negotiations involve compromise. Someone will excuse this to someone and someone will accept this as a compromise. This is not a compromise. This is a surrender, at least on the part of the rank and file. It is likely that the committee that voted just does not represent the members of the union. On their part, this is just larceny and usurpation.

Let us be clear, though. Hillary Clinton is not running against a Republican, not today, not in 2015, not when she received this endorsement. She is running against Bernie Sanders. An endorsement for Clinton in 2015 is not an endorsement against Republican management policies. It is an endorsement against Bernie Sanders’ pro-labor, egalitarian policies.

It is a move against higher wages, increased benefits, greater economic equality, more money for schools and less for military use, and more appropriately graduated taxes. The teacher’s union has therefore made a move against teachers.

There is a grander thing here than the union’s betrayal, though, and this is a huge one. It has become very hard to explain to young people what a union was, or what the New Deal, the Great Society, or the National Guard arriving in Selma had to do with Democratic Party politics. Of course these moments punctuated an insanity that was perpetrated by Democrats as well, but they did happen–then.

Once upon a time, forced to split by internal inconsistencies because the racist violence of people like George Wallace was unworkably inconsistent with greater party values that included an increasingly non-white work force. Since Bill Clinton’s entry, the party has involved itself in throwing aside the anti-militaristic, socialist, and small-d democratic base because that is not consistent with corporate funders engaged in the sort of fusion of corporation roughly like what Mussolini called fascism, but even closer to what thugs have called democracy in CIA-run client states.istencies, the Democratic Party jettisoned the solid Democratic South and its racism. Today it continues to jettison its left.

In 1968, the old “solid Democratic South” ran George Wallace on an independent ticket and brought Nixon into the White House. Eventually they wandered into the Republican camp and joined racism to Republican anti-communism, corporatism, theocratic impulses, and nationalist extremism under General Electric sock puppet Ronald Reagan and ex-CIA director Bush.

Where will egalitarian and humanitarian portions of the Democratic Party go?


No good defense attorney would ask a question without knowing the answer. One would have thought that one of the hundreds of “brilliant” professionals, from established “sages” like Lanny Davis to cerebral youths like Princetonian Robbie Mook, someone would have checked to see if Weingarten’s endorsement was legit, that it did represent most of the teachers. Again, billions can’t create legitimacy, or enthusiasm, and surely not competence, go Bernie.


“ALL the amazing teachers” against the Clinton endorsement??? Let’s tally it up from this article’s numbers. Of the 1.5 million AFT members, 147 commented on Diane Ravitch’s blog (may she be our next secretary of education!), 1240 voted for Sanders on BAT’s Facebook page, and 1109 signed a rescind the endorsement petition. So far. I am not impressed. I am a pretty amazing retired teacher happy to still be a member of AFT and want to say thank you to our leadership especially Randi Weingarten for endorsing the next POTUS right at the start of the presidential election process! Go Hillary!

None of what you say has any meaning until you can show us the pro-Hillary tally among AFT members.


The whole idea of this person claiming she represents the Teachers is just ludicrous. "…so far 1240 teachers endorsed Bernie Sanders and only 84 endorsed Clinton. " Now this is the truth, and she did not do what she is supposed to do, represent the teachers. I hope they kick her out immediately.


Does the AFT have a provision for a recall election?

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The American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten’s indorsing of Hillary Clinton shows us just how bad off our educational system is in this country.


This is very interesting and the fact that the polling of teachers was conducted so poorly is revealing. But the reality is that so many groups and individuals find Hillary Clinton less than satisfactory as a candidate remains. I’m someone hoping to get an elementary credential, not currently a teacher, and I find Hillary not really acceptable. But like millions of others, I want education to survive.
Unfortunately, we are stuck with her. But I want to see this kind of resistance to the expectation that we will go happily into the future with more of the same idiocy we’ve had in this country since 1980. Hillary Clinton will do what WE want. That’s the new normal. Maybe just fire Weingarten.

"The American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten’s indorsing of Hillary Clinton shows us just how bad off our educational system is in this country…

It’s no salute to the education system when posters like you can’t spell endorse or endorsing, either!


Polling is used to tell population pools what they want, rather than reflect their actual wishes. It’s another strategic facet of manufacturing consent.

I hope the forum’s anti-Feminists who insist that women will all vote for Hillary (to see a woman at last in the White House) will amend their views accordingly. Since the teaching field holds a majority of women, the opposition to elites defining voters’ interests (without actually asking for their views) is instructive. It also shows that teachers–a profession that prizes learning, reading, and education–don’t just salute the token propped up for mass consumption. They want a politician closer to “the real thing” in reflecting their actual needs, wishes, and concerns.


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With all due respect, SR, it seems counterproductive to me to respond to errors in a poster’s spelling, sentence structure, grammar, etc., rather than to the substance of the post. Some of the most intelligent people I have known in my life have been poor spellers–that doesn’t diminish the value of their insights/opinions. I myself was a perfect speller when younger, but I find that now, with age, I need to look words up for the proper spelling. I have seen you make errors in spelling now and then, too–perhaps because you didn’t proofread before posting, but whatever the reason, it doesn’t diminish the value of the content of your post. Can’t we all just acknowledge that we aren’t all perfect with the English language, and treat each other with respect?
On another thread today, I saw you mention, as you have many times, that some posters seem to have a lot of time on their hands for posting. I have been reading, and commenting occasionally, on CD for many years, as have you, and from that experience, I know that many of the posters here are retired, and CAN post at any time of the day–it’s not necessarily a sign that they are PAID to post. We have a diversity of views here, and, IMHO, we should respect the poster, and argue with the poster’s views if we disagree. You have insights of value, but if you want other readers to read and consider your views, I think that insulting them to begin with will simply turn them away, as well as other readers who are offended by your attitude of superiority re: spelling or whatever. I value the exchange here, and would like to see it be respectful.


The reason nothing ever seems to change is very often due to the people at the top of their fields - the elites who have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo (and of course their privileged positions) - do their collective best to ensure that nothing is changed.

Hillary represents the old guard elites. Those who have benefited from those elites and are part of the status quo do not want change. Or rather they would want change but only as long as things stay more or less the same …basically them staying in their present jobs.

In this election… the voters… are seriously starting to worry the status quo and the old guard senses that an upset is looking more and more possible and it is all happening very quickly too. Bernie has a lot of voter support it seems. That will only just continue. I think a lot of dirty tricks will be trotted out to help keep Hillary looking like she has more popular support than she really has.

The people supporting Bernie was not in the script but …

…this will be an exciting election. I bet this election will have record turnouts… a big turnout for Bernie.

America really does want change!

The same old same old Repubs and Dems don’t know what to do.

They are actually unprepared for Change!!!


Killary is a War Criminal! Most teachers are peace loving people; myself also, as a long time teacher!
We can see thru killary’s lies!


Since Hillary probably never joined a union, she can’t be called “a labor traitor”, like George Meany and many others, but, despite the pressure from Bernie to talk more like Elizabeth Warren, the problem is beyond individuals and personalities and speech writers–it is systemic, probably beyond remedy with fixed elections within the confines of the two corrupt branches of the capitalist/imperialist, Zionist/racist parties. My vote goes to Jill Stein for President. If we don’t start to build a long overdue alternative we will certainly continue our decline and increase corruption. Bernie is great on everything except his Zionist/racist foreign policy. We need politicians who are loyal to this country, not to some foreign power.
Former President AFT local 1588.

i was making compost about two weeks ago with a group in their twenties and thirties.

Somehow in the course of our talking, i ended up giving a brief rundown of how the New Deal came about; what the main federal programs were; and how we are now at the tail end of a 35-year assault and dismantling, which started with Reagan but had been strategized for ever since the New Deal was installed.

It always seems astonishing that everyone doesn’t know this narrative, but actually most people do not see the full picture.


What a jerk.


The Sanders campaign is one of true grass roots and depends upon no hive mentality to succeed. Union endorsements are no more binding than the political promises made in the heat of a campaign. Organizational leaders are quick to tell the ranks how to think but everyone must pay attention to what is happening around them and vote accordingly.