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Teachers Sue Florida Governor for Order to Reopen Schools in Defiance of 'Basic Human Needs for Health and Safety'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/20/teachers-sue-florida-governor-order-reopen-schools-defiance-basic-human-needs-health


Once again, another lawsuit which should be a good thing. And I applaud the teachers!
But I’m left wondering where are all these lawsuits going to end up?
What judge is going to hear the teacher’s case?

Does trump (et al, including mm) have most of the courts locked up in his (fascistic) favor?

On another note----is there anywhere to get accurate/truthful data re: covid numbers, cases, hospitalization and deaths? Or is that gone until (who is coming to the rescue???) . . . we don’t know what follows “until” but I’m not liking the look of how things are shaping up.

Did (past tense of course) Worldometer get their data from the CDC? Aleph Null if you read this, forgive me for mentioning Worldometer!

But seriously, is there anywhere to get factual information?

“Even if Trump knew that his scheme lacked legal authority, he could get away with it for the length of his presidency.”

  • John Yoo

Looks like the Yoo Lose Rule is there are no rules, for the Toddler King.

I go to Johns Hopkins site. They have a corona world wide and USA specific data base and other features.


I want answers to your timely questions too. I navigated Worldometer to it’s lengthy source page. Under United States I touched on the National Center for Health Statistics which took me to a CDC webpage that said

“The page you requested cannot be found at this time. It may be temporarily unavailable or it may have been removed or relocated.”

P.S. I went through the Johns Hopkins site to CDC and that was up, Im wading through trying to find info about the latest Trump attack on them, there is alot to wade through.


Hi evoIver:
That’s not good news.
sigh—maybe Trump is worried about losing so he’s decided to look at what would bring in some quick investment------funeraIs, caskets, crematoriums grave sites… FIorida could be a BIG money maker for Trump. : (

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With his real estate leanings I could imagine Ivanka hawking grave sites, in a swamp.

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Hi evoIver:
Oh that was wonderful! : )

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Wasn’t there a recent trump order that said the virus cases were NOT to be reported except to hhs ? To be handled by a private firm ?
It’s to hide the numbers. ???

Maybe Russia ? I understand they have hacked everything in magaland. !!


Aside from flipping recently vacated homes, rent-stabilized apartments (remember how many victims owned homes in New Orleans?) They get to foreclose over “final expenses,” indenture victims over surprise ER, ICU, SNF bills, as sloppy IgG immunoassay find NO antibodies while “out of network” specialists code-up chronic damage and organ failure from micro-clots. Why do you think the 9.9% is called the Creative Class? PhARMA & FIRE Sector feeding frenzy in 5… 4… 3…





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Since DeVos went in to help Trump kill the Public Schools, We’ve seen wave after wave of attacks on them; and this one is just their NEXT attack!

I mean, if you KILL OFF the students AND teachers, AND parents, of people going to Public Schools, “suddenly” all you’ll have left are the RICH who send their kids to Charters-With-No-Unions, fulfilling one of the RICH’s wet dreams…

Eat the RICH!