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Teachers Union Says "Flimsy" CDC Flowchart on School Reopenings Shows Trump Disregard for Student Safety

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/18/teachers-union-says-flimsy-cdc-flowchart-school-reopenings-shows-trump-disregard

Wall Street totally gobbles down snazzy-looking catnip like that stupid CDC flow-chart, and other delusions of late capitalism drummed up daily: Oh boy, we’re back – Throw another trillion on the yule-log fire! Meanwhile, humble teachers stand agape, abysmally underwhelmed. As the bumper-sticker says:

It’s too bad the ones who know how the run the country are busy teaching school.


I understand school administrators concerns, but look at the chart, the first column is very clear, schools should not be reopened at this time.


Just a sample of what’s wrong with this list:

  • In step 2 the social distancing is a no go for EVERY SCHOOL OUT THERE. No school district has the space to social distance their students all day long. I doubt if even private schools could accommodate that.
  • Once again the teachers and employees are being asked to do something they are not trained for, ie: be healthcare providers (remember they are also supposed to carry guns to protect their students from crazed shooters).
  • Is the federal or state governments going to provide the money to cover all the tasks required in this document?

But hey, they gave us a flow chart with pretty colors. Had to have been approved by the clown prince himself. This is just another set of guidelines that no sane school administrator could achieve with 100% accuracy. Once again the rumpster is giving guidelines that no one can follow, but some will say they are in compliance, so he can wash his hands of the whole affair. He can say, “well I didn’t force anyone to follow them, it is all voluntary, I take no responsibility for any of the deaths to come from these guidelines”.

My mind reels at the fact there are still millions of people who follow this dangerous monster, con man and buffoon.


Agree with every concern you bring up. And before the schools even take the first step, in the left column, last step:
“Are you able to screen students and employees upon arrival for symptoms and history of exposure.”

To my knowledge, school systems have not received training, tools, exposure history intake forms, or extra staff to accomplish these goals.
No schools open today.

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