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Teachers Union Warns Safely Reopening US Schools During 'Triple Crisis' Could Cost $116.5 Billion

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/10/teachers-union-warns-safely-reopening-us-schools-during-triple-crisis-could-cost


Whaaaa. TENURED EDUCATORS…proof right now that students can learn on their own…cheaper, and they are not intimidated by one mind…dictating…when majority couldn’t pass their specialty.

there is still so much we don’t know - about the virus and hw it spreads, about a possible vaccine, about the effectiveness of on-line K-12 education, about what parents and teachers would actually do if schools re-open. I suspect a lot of teachers will be faced with the choice of returning even though it is not safe, or losing their job and income, as Republicans in DC are unlikely to help them get those funds


To what in the article do your comments respond?

And on what sources of information do your comments rely?

Why hasn’t the local governments refunded some of the properties taxes? I’m tired being robbed from the teachers unions.

If not, please learn where your local taxes are spent, and just for chuckles, per your screen name, follow that up with a class on unions. Do these two things, and America will be forever grateful.

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Just a note: All this PPE doesn’t even exist yet. In calif. hairdressers are now allowed to work. Guess what? Their isn’t ANY disenfectant on the shelves right now! NONE! Supply house told me yesterday they have no idea when they will have any, says it’s ALL going to hospitals.

Except every indication is that they don’t do well on their own plus a huge number of kids, big parts of the country, actually, dont have broadband access, nor do many have a quiet place to “go to school” at home.

Basically, they are being written off.