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Teachers' Unions See Biden Choice of Cardona for Education Secretary as Promising Choice

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/23/teachers-unions-see-biden-choice-cardona-education-secretary-promising-choice

Emel - Please offer us some facts to support your assertion. Facts that we can access. Thanks.


I’m concerned that Carson’a chief objective is reopening the schools - and as we head into the worst of the pandemic with two more lethal strains heading into the United States from U.K. and South Africa - both more contagious, with one slated to be far more serious for younger people. And all while neither of the vaccines being introduced can be safely administered below age 16? Are these kids to be a laboratory for the federal government to study covid-19? They don’t understand they’re essentially promoting the same nonsense on herd immunity as teh GOP - but specifically and especially with children as the guinea pigs ?? How is Biden any different in contempt for the public well-being than Trump? The Democrats are ready to sacrifice children -while Trump doesn’t really discriminate as to who can be thrown into the sacrificial pit? Aaah, destiny!

I couldn’t really tell you who is more sick-minded.


Emel is a hack.

It’s easy to post a cut-and-paste link, just place a tilde directly before the address:

Yeah, great. Compared to DeVos. Give me a break. He’s just another bandaid on the twqo-party gangrene. (Bluebots may now act indignant at the very thought of questioning any lesser evil, anywhere, ever.)


WSW has some great articles. I don’t agree with everything they say, but their research and analysis can be quite impressive; they report on facts when no one else is. Also, they are one of the only groups among the left that I’ve seen who have the courage to take on the Democratic Party’s unscrupulous identity politics. As one poster put it EEOC for the mob.

I find the website’s “bedside manner” on this topic a bit cold at times (i.e. I think they could couple their criticism with more heart-felt acknowledgement of people’s experiences - they clearly recognize these issues, too - but I think more expressed compassion on that front could be helpful) and in the end, I think they’re basically correct about what the Democrats are doing here to defeat people on the bread and butter issues we all share.

I was also impressed by their analysis and criticism of this new historical project in the schools (1776?) that has so many people jumping on the bandwagon with the history just plain inaccurate. But I myself haven’t looked at the curriculum or history ITO their point of view. So I don’t speak with full knowledge of both sides of the argument.

I will also add:

I think the Democrats have outed themselves more (on this identity politics) with Padilla’s appointment to Harris’ Senate seat (vs Ro Khanna, for example, who many progressives wanted). They made the entire placement about which racial or ethnic group would be represented, and nothing about the actual records of the candidates. Padilla himself is a criminal who’s been sued 3X by the ACLU for corruption and election fraud, betrayed voters in 2012 on single payer in the state legislature when it could have passed - they had the votes. Since then millions of Californians have died or gone bankrupt or homeless as a result of medical bills - and what Padilla did in the state legislature. Some say he went into the SOS office (practically overnight, too) as reward for throwing the 2012 state legislature vote on health care; now some people are saying he’s getting the Senate seat in exchange for rigging the 2016 California primary for Hillary Clinton when Bernie Sanders actually won (this having been proven as shown in reports by election journalist Greg Palast).


Trump is as heavily invested in identity politics as the entire GOP and DNC. He prefers wealthy, reichwing, caucasian, men, but is open to politically submissive sycophants regardless of any of their less relevant characteristics.